Home improvement projects of all kinds require knowledge and expertise. There is so much to learn about DIY, home building and the nature of the construction industry, that even a small project can seem like a daunting task to the non-professional. These How to Guides and DIY tips offer practical advice on a range of jobs, explaining everything from the most basic tasks to more advanced techniques, and are useful for both absolute beginners and experienced do-it-yourselfers alike.

How To:

How To Lay Laminate Flooring How To Insulate Your Loft How To Tile A Bathroom How To Plaster A Wall How To Build A Stud Wall How To Lay A New Patio How To Hang Wallpaper How To Render A House Exterior

Useful DIY advice

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Offering practical advice and useful tips on a wide range of DIY tasks and home improvement projects, the How to guides in this section are intended for anyone who feels they need a little help. With easy to follow step-by-step guides and clear explanations of procedures, planning and preparation, there is something of use for everyone, from the DIY novice to those more experienced with home improvements who feel they need advice on a particular technique or skill.

Decorating and DIY

For anyone who has a tricky DIY job coming up, or needs advice on a specific home improvement project, these guides are designed to provide all the essential information required. Detailing the materials necessary and explaining the tools, their uses and capabilities, the guides offer a comprehensive introduction to each job. Whether the task at hand involves installation, removal, repairs or the involvement of professionals, the guides explain how to get ready for the job, how to plan for it correctly and how to execute the task and achieve success. Armed with such useful information even the most challenging of tasks will become more approachable and less daunting.

How to get even more DIY advice

The How to guides and DIY tips in this section are just one aspect of House Extension Online’s commitment to providing homeowners with the knowledge they need to complete their home improvement projects with success. The House Extension Online Forum has thousands of members, including many professionals, offering advice and tips on a wealth of DIY and home improvement issues.


If you have a specific question that needs answering, why not post on the forum and wait for the advice to come to you. Of course, it may already have been addressed in a previous thread, so it pays to have a look at the many Forum categories first. The House Extension Online blog is also full of useful information and advice related to home improvement projects.

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