How to Design a Kitchen

How to Design a Kitchen

It is often said that the kitchen is the beating heart of a home. Everybody uses it, and for a variety of different purposes, so when it comes to creating a new kitchen, there are many factors to consider. The first decision you have to make is whether or not to update your existing kitchen by adding new cabinets or appliances, but essentially keeping the same shape, or to get a completely new kitchen fitted, perhaps with a totally different layout. Assuming you have decided to go for the latter option and you want your kitchen to be completely refreshed, there are a lot of things you need to think carefully about before work begins and money changes hands. Here is a guide on how to design a kitchen that will suit the needs of everyone in your family, as well as looking just as stylish or homely as you desire.

How to design a kitchen

Well-designed kitchens not only look good, but they also work well. Practicality and functionality need to be at the basis of your thought process from the very beginning. Cupboards, cabinets, appliances and drawers need to be positioned intuitively, so that your journeys around the room when preparing food, cleaning up or doing the laundry are direct and unobstructed.

functional Kitchen

Before deciding on the design you want to use, think about who uses the kitchen, and in what ways. If yours is a family that does a lot of home cooking, then providing adequate space for food preparation is a must. Also, at this stage it is a good idea to decide whether or not you will need a table or dining area as part of your kitchen, or a breakfast bar, or nothing at all. Make sure you know precisely which appliances will need to be included, and what sort of size they are likely to be – it might be that you need to do a lot of washing, and a large washer drier is essential. In which case, remember that many tumble driers need to be vented externally, and so might need to be positioned next to an external wall to negate the need for unsightly ducting.

Kitchen layouts

When you have decided on what needs to be included in your kitchen, you can start to think about kitchen layout ideas. There are numerous options when it comes to kitchen layouts, but there are some staple design styles that fit very well in most homes. A straight kitchen works well in smaller areas, and features a single line of cabinetry along one wall.

kicthen layout

In a galley kitchen, there are lines of cabinetry along opposing walls. Larger spaces can include more cabinets and appliances, and can adopt more intricate designs. L-shaped, U-shaped and G-shaped kitchens are all so named because of the design style of the kitchen’s cabinets. If you are looking to include a breakfast bar, you might well consider either a G or L-shaped design. U-shaped designs work well with kitchens that will also include a dining table at one end of the room. For something even more spacious, you might also consider an open-plan kitchen.

Kitchen design

Having selected what needs to go in your kitchen and its basic shape, you can start to think about the kind of kitchen design that will appeal most to your and your family. Whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, there are many options for you to choose from, and any supplier, whether it be a high-street name or a leading trade manufacturer like Magnet Trade, is able to offer plenty of design styles in terms of cabinetry, floors and worktops. For something classic but practical, a Shaker kitchen is a good choice that will never look out of date. If your tastes are for modern kitchens that are a little more chic and minimal, you might consider hi-gloss cabinetry in either white or black: a very stylish choice that will add greatly to your home’s overall aesthetic.

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When you have decided exactly what it is you are looking for in terms of kitchen design, it is time to start looking around. Make sure to visit plenty of showrooms and to get a good idea about what’s available. If you are thinking of employing a kitchen designer, get more than one quote and insist that they come and have a look at your kitchen before naming a price. The more information you have, and the clearer you are about what you want to achieve, the better able you will be to get the kitchen of your dreams.

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