How To Decorate Your Conservatory

How To Decorate Your Conservatory

There are many reasons why people invest in a conservatory; from adding value to the property to simply creating some more practical space, there are a whole host of benefits that they can bring to a home. Whether you intend you use the space as a place for your children to play or somewhere that you can unwind and read a book on a summers evening, then there are some design aspects to consider when decorating your conservatory.

You can be as creative as you like or keep it simple – the possibilities are endless, but there are four key areas any design needs to focus on and this post runs through everything you need to tackle.


laminate flooringA popular style that has emerged in the past few years is white laminate flooring. The purpose of a conservatory is to be light and airy, and by keeping the flooring light and subtle it will help to make the most of the space you have created. Dark floors can often make a room look smaller and therefore having a white floor could actually give the impression of a far bigger space.

Make sure you purchase a good quality floor from a flooring retailer, and if you are using the area for children then a waterproof option could be the best option in case of spillages. You can save money by laying the floor yourself, and most modern styles are quick and easy to install.


conservatory furniture

Depending on what the room is going to be used for you will want to pick the right furniture to accommodate your needs. For instance, if you want to use the space as a home gym then a treadmill and weights are a must, whereas tables and chairs will simply get in the way.

For the majority of people it will be an area to either relax or dine in; pick furniture which is easy to clean and will hopefully experience minimal damage from the sun, as it is likely to be exposed simply due to the way conservatories are designed..

If you are hoping for a quiet space in which you can take time out for yourself, rather than entertain guests, then incorporate soft furnishings and plush sofas which you can sink into; an ottoman or footstool may also be a nice addition to add a bit of extra comfort.


door-uni-blindWithin a conservatory, blinds are an essential addition as during sunny days the floor or furniture can start to fade due to the rays. An overabundance of sunlight can also make your conservatory uncomfortable – it can increase the room’s temperature, and being blinded by the sun isn’t particularly pleasant either!

Pick a light colour to compliment the room, and utilising patterns can be extremely flattering. Many people opt for a floral or natural style as this helps to create a link between the conservatory and the garden.


A room can have furniture, flooring and blinds, but the accessories are what make it personal and homely. Whether this is flowers, bunting, candles or photographs this really is up to you. You can make it as masculine, feminine or family orientated as you like but be careful not to overcrowd the room especially the window sills, as less light will be able to enter the room and it will make the whole space feel much smaller.

Try to in keep the accessories such as cushions and throws with the colour scheme you have chosen and pick fabrics which are soft and comforting.

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