How to Choose Your Conservatory Style

How to Choose Your Conservatory Style

No two homes are alike, even homes that bear a striking resemblance on the outside are made unique by the personal, character building touches of their owners, which is why there is no exact science when it comes to choosing a conservatory style. It’s no secret that a conservatory is a visually stunning addition to any home, but the sheer variety of styles you can choose from may come as some surprise. If you’re in the preliminary stages of planning your conservatory then let us guide you through some top considerations.

Den or Dining Room?

conservatory roomThe first decision you make should be about the intended use and type of conservatory you want. Conservatories are one of the most versatile home additions you can invest in, they can be used as sitting rooms, home offices, play rooms for children, dining rooms, kitchen extensions and more, and each room comes with its own spatial and material requirements.

Knowing your intended use for your room can help you make decisions about layout and size quickly: if you’re opting to use your conservatory as a dining room, you will need to ensure any bulky tables and chairs can comfortably be incorporated within the space, whilst should you prefer to use the additional space as a sitting room or peaceful den, you want materials and lighting that are cosier and more relaxing than those of a home office.

Perfect Positioning

conservatory positioningPositioning is key for your enjoyment of your new space. You need to make sure you have ample room in an area of your property that gives you views of your garden and gets plenty of sunlight. South facing conservatories are a popular choice among home owners because they get much more sunlight than any other position, which is great for sun seekers but does mean you will have to put more thought into blinds, curtains and ventilation. There are pros and cons for every position; survey your property with a certified builder so you can reap the benefit of their expert opinion and find the position that is best for you.

Perfect For the Period

period conservatoryConservatories have been a popular home addition for generations and their style has adapted fluidly with the changing styles of home designs. As the original conservatory, orangeries suit older properties beautifully as they have a more solid structure which incorporates bricks, and have a certain ornate quality with faceted fronts that is the perfect adornment to a period home.

As modern houses are built with cleaner, simpler lines, so are modern conservatories. Lean-to conservatories are rectangular structures with a single roof pitch; their simple design maximises the space and they look perfectly in keeping with the style of modern homes.

Material Choices

Incorporating natural materials like timber into your conservatory can help it feel like a fluid part of your home’s structure, and there are a multitude of glass and frame options for you to choose from.
pool room
Make use of the expert’s advice; choose an experienced team who specialise in designing and creating a multitude of styles of conservatory, orangery and garden room so they can advise you on the best window options for your energy bills and the right material options for your favoured style.

A Matter of Team Work

Finding the right design team is paramount; you need to find a team you can trust to listen to your desires and help make them a reality. Find a team with experience in your local area who know how to work with properties of your period and style, and make sure you are paying for quality craftsmanship. When you have a clear vision and an expert team, nothing is standing between you and your dream conservatory.

Image resource: Mullberry’s Of Suffolk