How Safe Would Your Home Be in a Fire?

How Safe Would Your Home Be in a Fire?

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Few of us think about the consequences a fire could have if one started in our homes. We see photos of the damage caused to other homes but we rarely think of it happening to us.

The best time to assess how safe your home would be if a fire broke out is now. There are many things you can do to improve your chances of getting out if a fire did occur.

Get the fire service to come and visit you

Did you know the fire service will visit you at home to assess how safe your property is? It’s a free service and in many cases they will provide free smoke alarms and fit them for you as well. Isn’t it worth taking advantage of this service when all it costs you is time?

Test your smoke alarms regularly

Smoke Alarm TestWhile smoke alarms do tend to beep to alert you to a failing battery, don’t rely on that to be reliable. The government recommends you test your alarms monthly. Change the batteries if need be and put the alarms back in place. It takes a mere few seconds and it could save lives. It’s advisable to change the batteries annually anyway.

Consider purchasing other protective equipment just in case

There is a wide range of fire protection equipment available from that can provide you with further protection against smoke and fire if needed. You’d hope never to use it but it is good to know it is there just in case.

For example you can buy door seals for just a few pounds each. These are capable of making fire resistant doors even more secure if you are trapped in a room with fire and smoke on the other side. Intumescent strips are another example of an item that is very cheap to buy and yet could buy precious minutes in preventing a fire from spreading.

Buy a fire blanket for the kitchen

Many fires start in the kitchen. Having a fire blanket to hand could make all the difference between experiencing a small localised fire and having one that starts to go out of control. You can usually get change out of £10 when buying a good quality blanket, so consider doing it today.

What would you do in a fire?

Fire Blanket

Most people are aware that trying to fight a fire is a job best left to the fire service. You need to call them out and then make yourself safe. If you cannot leave your property because you are blocked in by the fire, it is essential to stay in a room with a door barricaded against the flames and smoke. This is when door seals can literally save your life, because they will prevent most smoke from getting into the room.

Taking the time to assess your home for fire risks and preventative measures is the best way to ensure you stand a fighting chance if you should be caught in a fire.