How Much Will a New Bathroom Cost Me?

How Much Will a New Bathroom Cost Me?

If your bathroom has seen better days, you’re probably wondering how much it would cost you to replace it with something much newer and fresher. Costs can vary markedly depending on what you want and whether you want to change the existing layout. Let’s explore this topic in more detail so you have a rough idea of what to expect.

What will a new bathroom cost?

The answer depends on a number of factors:

  • How expensive your chosen bathroom suite is and whether you are supplying it or not
  • The fitting costs
  • Additional items such as cabinets, tiles, a new shower, flooring and fixtures and fittings (where required)
  • Whether or not you intend to move the position of sink, toilet, shower or bath

bathroom suiteA simple three piece bathroom suite can be purchased for anything from £200 up to several thousand pounds. It all depends on what you require. Fitting costs can vary depending on where in the country you live. However, you should assume anything from about £2,000 upwards depending on whether you supply the suite or not.

There are lots of ways to save money if you are prepared to do some of the work yourself. For example some people merely want the old suite stripped out and the new one installed, while others want everything done from start to finish. Which would apply in your situation?

Make sure you include everything when considering your requirements

It’s easy to focus just on the suite and forget about all the additional items you’ll need. Don’t forget tiles, flooring, new paint or wallpaper and other finishing touches such as towel rails too. Write a list to ensure you don’t forget anything and you can get an accurate budget for the entire project.

What are the advantages of having a nice new bathroom?

If the current bathroom in your home is old and tired you may not enjoy using it. That’s a shame because there is nothing better than having a welcoming room to retreat to – perhaps for a soak in the bath or simply a refreshing shower. It should be a pleasant experience for you and for anyone who comes to stay.

It can also help you sell your property if you are planning to move in the near future. People appreciate not having to install a new bathroom so they’ll be pleased to see the work has been done for them.

modern bathroom

Even if you aren’t moving, the bathroom is one of the few rooms your guests will see. It’s good to provide a clean, well ordered and attractive bathroom to use.

The best way to find out how much it would cost you to have a new bathroom fitted is to get a quote. This should ideally include the main bathroom furniture items to be fitted, as well as the actual fitting costs. You then need to add the cost of any additional items you intend to get as well. Once you have a quote you’re happy with, you can look forward to your brand new bathroom.

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