How Much Does Scaffolding Cost to Hire?

How Much Does Scaffolding Cost to Hire?

Some home DIY and renovation jobs will require scaffolding to be erected to complete the work safely. Since most people don’t require scaffolding on a regular basis it makes sense to hire it rather than buying it for use in the future.

This means you will hire a scaffolding company to bring the scaffolding required and erect it on your behalf. You then rent it from them for the required time period and ask them to take it down once the work is done. On some occasions this task is handled by the tradesmen tackling the job on your behalf. However it is worth considering hiring it yourself if it suits the situation.

What are the rough costs for hiring scaffolding?

The rough costs will depend on the size of your property and how much scaffolding is required. For example in some cases you may only need scaffolding on the front or rear of the property. If you had to re-plaster the front of your house you’d only need it on the front. However other more complex jobs might require more scaffolding on the front and rear, and possibly the side depending on the work being done.

As for costs, these are normally worked out according to the width and height of your property. This allows for a rough estimate of the amount of scaffolding required. You will usually rent the scaffolding on a weekly basis. The charge will usually include erecting the scaffolding as well as dismantling it when the job is done.

The amount you pay will vary depending on where you live and what size company you go to. Bigger companies usually charge more, but in any event you can expect to pay in the region of several hundred pounds. Of course it will depend on how long you need it for – if you need it for a week it will be a lot cheaper than a project requiring it for several months.

What are the advantages of hiring your own scaffolding?

Some people question whether it is better to buy scaffolding second hand and put it up on their own as opposed to hiring it. In truth hiring often proves to be better. It is easier as you can hire experts to erect it for you – and this is definitely a lot safer in the long run.

You also don’t have to worry about getting permits for any scaffolding erected on a pavement outside your home. The company you hire scaffolding from will organise this on your behalf. There is also insurance to think about – and this is expensive if you want to go down the DIY route and put up the scaffolding yourself.

In short, hiring your own scaffolding is much easier, cheaper and more cost effective than you would think. It also takes away many of the headaches involved in this job, and provides a service that ticks all the relevant boxes without becoming prohibitively expensive for you to manage