How Much Does Laminate Flooring Cost?

How Much Does Laminate Flooring Cost?

Laminate flooring is a good choice for many homes. It provides the look of a wooden floor with none of the upkeep. It is also hardwearing and suitable for heavy-traffic areas, not to mention homes with children and pets.

If you are considering laying laminate flooring in your home, you’ll want to get a rough idea of cost before you commit yourself. This is what we’ll be finding out more about here.

Average cost of laminate flooring

Ash Walnut Laminate Flooring

Not all laminate flooring is created as equal. Cheaper laminate is usually thinner and may be more prone to chipping too. It is worth paying for better quality, especially in high-traffic areas.

It’s good to know you can buy laminate flooring to suit your budget though. For example, the range of laminate flooring at Floors Direct has prices varying from about £4.34 per square metre to £12.66 per square metre. Thicknesses of laminate vary from 6mm to double that, so you do get what you pay for.

The more expensive laminate is also likely to have a better and more convincing appearance of wood. Prices can be cheaper from online companies at all points of the range. You can still see the flooring before you buy too, as they’ll likely have a selection of samples you can order. Make sure you take the time to do this first, so you can match the flooring to your furniture and colour scheme, and check its quality as well.

Don’t forget the underlay

Flooring Underlay

Just as a good carpet will benefit from a decent underlay, so will your laminate flooring. The type you choose will depend on the quality of the underlying floor, and on whether you want to deaden sound and provide good insulation.

You can buy foam-type underlay on a roll that is only a few millimetres thick. This is usually the cheapest option. You can pay less than a pound per square metre for something like this. Alternatively the best underlay (and one that is ideal for slightly-uneven floors) is fibreboard underlay. This provides sound and heat insulation so you could also save on your heating bills by spending a bit more on this type of underlay. You would expect to pay around £2 to £2.50 per square metre on this, although again it will depend on the thickness of the underlay and the company you buy it from.

Average cost of laying a laminate floor

Once you’ve chosen your laminate and underlay, you have to decide whether to get someone else to lay it for you, or whether to do it yourself. Laying a laminate floor actually isn’t very difficult if you have the right tools. It’s worth having a circular saw to cut the boards to size though – cutting them all by hand can get tiring before too long.

Just as laminate flooring is usually priced per square metre, so is the cost of installation. You may however come across an installer who charges a daily rate. In this case, make sure you find out roughly how many days it should take them to lay your floor. This will help you compare their charges with other quotes you have had.

Laminate Flooring

The cost of fitting laminate flooring will vary depending on where you live. It will likely be more expensive in the south of England as compared to the north, for example. One company estimated £10 per square metre as a basic price. Another example gave a rate of between £8 and £12 per square metre.

However you should also bear in mind the rate charged will depend on the amount of work to be done. If you clear the room prior to the workmen arriving, and screw down any squeaky floorboards, you’ll pay less than if you expect the workmen to do all this for you. Similarly, if you want your skirting boards removed and replaced, this would attract a different quote than if you requested beading to be fitted at the end to cover the ends of the boards. It is not always practical to remove skirting boards and replace them, as this can damage the walls. Beading is the faster and easier solution. Most laminates have matching beading you can buy at the same time.

Remember, just as you would shop around for prices on laminate flooring, so you should shop around for quotes for fitting it too. Then you’ll be able to select the best quote and the best team to fit the floor for you.