How Much Does an Alarm System Cost to Install?

How Much Does an Alarm System Cost to Install?

If you have ever considered getting an alarm system installed at home, the issue of cost will have been high on your list of priorities. Just how expensive are these systems to install?

We’ll have a look at costing here, as well as weighing up the benefits of installing a system of this kind.

Why have a home alarm system?

A home alarm has a dual benefit. Firstly, it acts as a visible deterrent to burglars. If they see a property with an alarm, they’re likely to avoid it and go in search of one without an alarm. Secondly, if a burglar triggers an alarm they will likely scarper before entering the property. Neighbours will be alerted, and if you have a monitored alarm system, the company that provides the monitoring service will be called out to your property.

The biggest benefit of having a home alarm is the peace of mind you’ll get from it. You’ll feel more secure, whether you are at home or not. Even if you are on holiday, a monitored system will help keep your home safe.

Costs vs benefits

Let’s take a look at how much you might pay for a system to be installed. Obviously it depends on the complexity of the system, but you could get a system for as little as £99. That covers the installation of an alarm from a leading provider in the business. However there are lots of different companies that provide services like this, so it is wise to consider all the options. You may find a local company that is cheaper. Research has revealed prices starting from £69 for installation, with prices reaching around £200 with some companies.

Obviously the main benefit, as we’ve already noted, is peace-of-mind. Even if you get the most basic bells-only alarm that doesn’t actually contact anyone when it is triggered, it will hopefully scare any potential burglars away.

Peace of Mind

You also have to think about whether you want just a basic alarm with a bell that sounds when someone tries to enter the house, or whether you want something more involved. Keyholder monitoring is a good idea, for example. It means you and whoever else you nominate as a keyholder will be alerted should the alarm ever be triggered. This typically incurs a monthly fee that could work out to anything from around £70 to £170 or more per year.

The most advanced service you can get is called a police monitoring system. The company you get your alarm from will be alerted if your alarm goes off. In addition to this, the police will also be alerted. You can expect to pay upwards of £200 per year for this to be added to your requirements. One well-known company quotes from £599 for this service per year.

While it is an advantage to know the police would be contacted if your alarm was triggered, there are potential downsides as well. False alarms will count against you. Three in England or four in Scotland will mean the police won’t come out in the future. Furthermore the service cannot guarantee the police will attend, since there could be more urgent calls to answer.

Installation costs vs running costs

There are two areas you need to think about if you are considering having a home alarm system installed. The first is the actual cost of getting the system put in. The second concerns the running costs you will come up against, i.e. the service and maintenance costs. These are important because an alarm is only worth having if it works on a continual basis. You can expect to pay around £99 to £150 per year for maintenance. That works out to between £1.90 and £2.88 per week.

Home Alarm System Installation

It’s a small price to pay for your system to remain in good working order though. Prices for wireless or wired systems could vary, as they could depending on which company you go to as well. When choosing an alarm system for installation, ask the company for their maintenance charges as well. This enables you to check with several companies to get the best overall price.

There are certainly several elements to be aware of when you are considering having a home alarm installed. However, most people would agree the cost of having a system installed and maintained annually is well worth paying. Check with the well-known companies and any local businesses offering this service so you can get the best price.