How Much Does a Tree Surgeon Cost?

How Much Does a Tree Surgeon Cost?

Are you stuck with an unruly tree on your property that needs taming into shape? Maybe you need to take one down completely. Whatever job you have in mind you’ll probably be wondering how much it will cost to hire a tree surgeon to get it done for you.

How Much Will You Pay To Hire a Tree Surgeon?

A lot depends on the nature of the job you need to have completed. For example it will generally be cheaper to hire a tree surgeon to remove half a dozen large branches than it would be to hire them to get rid of an entire 60-year old tree.

There are other criteria you need to bear in mind too though. For example, where is the tree? How easy is it to get to? The size will make a difference as will the species in some cases.

An approximate ballpark figure for taking out the crown of a tree would be around £150. If you need an entire tree taken down you can expect to pay anything from £250. If the tree is huge you’ll pay more. You will also pay extra to have the tree, branches and/or other rubbish taken away, so if you can get rid of this on your own you can save some money.

Prices also vary depending on the company you choose and on where you live. Built-up areas often mean higher prices; you wouldn’t expect a tree surgeon in London to charge the same as one in Yorkshire, for example.

How Much Would It Cost You To Tackle The Job On Your Own?

Normally the DIY route is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional. This is true in the case of a tree surgeon as well. However taking the DIY route is not free.

For starters you’ll need equipment to help you remove branches or take down an entire tree. Unless you already own a chainsaw and the required safety equipment, this alone will probably cost at least £60 per day plus VAT and maybe a lot more, depending on the equipment you need. You’ll probably also need to rent the equipment for more than a day, so you could easily be looking at several hundred pounds depending on where you hire the equipment from.

Costs vs Benefits

It will cost more to hire a tree surgeon than doing it yourself, but it is a lot safer. They’re trained and experienced in the work and know how to tackle a tree and use the right equipment.

A tree surgeon will also take everything away for you, which is a lot easier than having bits of felled tree hanging around in your garden for ages. It can also be done faster than you’d complete the job, especially if you have no experience. You don’t have to find the time to do it either. Essentially you are paying for the convenience.

The risks of tackling the job yourself

It doesn’t take much specialist knowledge to realise that tree felling is a dangerous job. It cannot all be done from ground level. Furthermore specialist equipment such as a chainsaw is often required, and that presents dangers all of its own. Even if you wear the proper protection and you fully understand how to use the chainsaw before you start, it is still a dangerous job to do.

That’s why it makes sense to start shopping around for quotes for a tree surgeon to do everything on your behalf. Safety should always come first when you have a tree to cut down or reduce in size – and that means calling in the professionals.