How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

The vast majority of householders will need a plumber at one stage or another. It could be to install a new bathroom suite or kitchen sink, or perhaps to solve a plumbing problem or a leak of some kind. Whatever the situation may be, the first question on your mind will probably relate to cost.

How much will you pay for a plumber?

The general rule of thumb is that it depends on the nature of the job you ask them to do. Some plumbers charge an hourly or daily rate, but it is much better to hire someone who quotes you for the job rather than charging you by the hour or the day. If you opt for this way of doing things you might end up paying more.

Another key criterion is where you live. People living in London and the South East will generally pay more for a plumber than someone living in the Midlands, for example. This holds true regardless of the nature of the job you need them to do. You should also consider whether or not you will be supplying the materials needed for the job. For example, if you want a new bathroom suite fitted and you supply the suite in advance, you will only pay for labour and incidental supplies needed to complete the job. If you want the plumber to get the suite for you as well, this will be included in the price they quote.

Average prices for common repairs

Plumbers tackle all kinds of repairs for householders. Leaky taps can cost around £50 to fix, whereas a blocked toilet may cost an average of £80. Remember these prices are a guide only, and will vary depending on the plumber and the area they work in.

The charge for fixing a burst pipe varies hugely depending on the complexity of the job and how easy it is to reach the pipe. One website quoted an average of £90 whereas another quoted more than double this amount.

Average prices for replacement items

One of the more common jobs plumbers will tackle is to fit new bathrooms. Again the prices for these jobs vary hugely. One site quoted an average of £1,000 while another website quoted £400 to replace like for like in the same position as the old. This example did assume the customer would supply all new bathroom furniture however. A third site gave a price of £2,000 to supply and fit a new bathroom.

As you can see, prices certainly do vary depending on the work you need to get done, the duration of the job, how complex it is and where you are located.

Make sure you get a quote upfront

This is one of the most important things to remember if you are in need of a plumber. Make sure you specify exactly what needs to be done and ask for a written quote to cover the work.

It is also a good idea to get more than one quotation so you can choose between them. Make sure the quotes detail the work to be done so you can ensure you are getting an accurate quote that covers your requirements.

If you need to call a plumber on an emergency – for a burst pipe for example – make sure you know their call out charge first. This ensures there will be no nasty surprises when they turn up.

Finally, don’t pay for the work until it has been completed to your satisfaction. No honest plumber will ask for payment until they have completed the job, so bear this in mind.