How Much Does a Kitchen Makeover Cost?

How Much Does a Kitchen Makeover Cost?

Are you embarrassed at the state of your kitchen? Is it overdue for a much needed makeover?

If it’s time to do something about your kitchen, the question of cost will very soon pop up. Let’s see what the answers might be in your case.

Are you replacing in whole or in part?

If your kitchen cabinets are still in good condition, you may not have to replace the entire kitchen. It’s possible to transform the look simply by changing the worktops, changing the sink and perhaps changing the handles or knobs on the doors. If you know where your existing kitchen cabinets came from you may be able to get replacement doors as well and keep the cabinets as they are. It all depends on the condition of the existing carcases. If your doors are solid wood, another option is to strip them back and refinish them.

How cheap can it be to get a new kitchen fitted?


The cheapest option is to choose an affordable kitchen from a major DIY store and to have it delivered flat packed to your home. You can then hire a professional to install it and have only the installation costs to worry about. Make sure you get someone qualified in plumbing to plumb in the sink; if you have gas appliances you’ll need a registered gas fitter to install those as well. You may also need an electrician depending on what else is required.

The main expense in a new kitchen is taken up by appliances – dishwasher, oven, the hob and so on. Again, consider whether you need all these or whether the existing ones are fine to keep.

Estimates for a kitchen installation vary from around £2,000 to considerably more. It all depends on how much work is required and how long it will take to complete. You also need to take into account the size of your kitchen. Small kitchens may only require a few units, while larger ones will require many more. At the cheapest end of the scale you can perform a basic makeover on your own, without requiring any tradesmen to help you.

Alternatively you may decide to tackle a few basic jobs on your own and hire a fitter to install a new sink and worktop for you. This would be far cheaper than opting for them to fit an entire new kitchen. However if you do need a brand new kitchen and you want someone else to take care of the entire process for you (including decoration), you can expect to pay a lot more.

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The trick is to work out what you need and then to get a quote. For ease of use we have provided a form to help you get more information so you can start planning your new kitchen makeover project in more detail. Once you know roughly how much to allocate for your project, you can look forward to getting the new kitchen you have been planning.