How Much Does a Drop Kerb Cost?

How Much Does a Drop Kerb Cost?

Not all properties have a dropped kerb in front of them. A lot depends on the nature of the property itself. For example if the property has a front garden and no garage there won’t be a kerb like this in place. However if you move home and you want to take out that front garden and park your car there instead, you’ll need to look into applying for a dropped kerb.

Here you can find out more about this particular topic so you know where you stand if you want to make this application.

How do you get planning permission for dropped kerb?

planning permission for dropped kerbYou will need to apply to your local council to seek planning permission. It is up to them to consider your application and to determine whether permission will be granted or not.

The best bet is to get in touch with your local council to find out more. This is because different councils may have slightly different ways of tackling the issue. Some request that you fill in and return an application form, while others recommend you phone them for more information first. In situations where an application form is your first step, you can usually download it from the council website for ease of use.

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How much to drop a kerb?

The cost will vary depending on your unique circumstances. There will be an initial charge for processing the planning application and this can vary between councils. One charged £135 while another we looked at charged £172.

the costRemember there is no guarantee you will get planning permission. However most councils will provide notes and information to support an application. It is highly recommended you read through these first. You may discover you would not be granted permission for dropping a kerb purely because your home is too close to a junction, for example. If this is the case you could save yourself some cash.

The cost of putting in the planning application clearly does not cover the work itself if your application is successful. It is difficult to give an estimate of cost here because it depends on how complex the work would be. A simple case of dropping the kerb where there is nothing else to be moved would be far cheaper than a more complex case. This might be a situation where a street light needs to be moved, or a tree needs to be taken down. You also have to consider what is underneath the pavement. In some cases cables might need to be reached and lowered before the kerb can be dropped.

As such you could expect anything from the high three figures into four figures as a very rough guide. One council estimated around £1,500 to £2,000 would be a good estimate.

How long will it take to complete?

pavingIt may be a while before you finally get a dropped kerb if you decide to apply for one and successfully gain planning permission. Applications for drop kerbs typically take six to eight weeks to be considered, again depending on the council. You then have to wait for the work to be completed. One council estimated the time from start to finish for a successful and straightforward application and build process would be around two to three months.

As you can see your first port of call should be your local council website for more information. Since all councils differ slightly in this respect, you should find out the exact process for applying for a dropped kerb with your council so you know what to expect.