Home Extensions For Terrace Housing

Home Extensions For Terrace Housing

The UK is full of terraced homes as they have, in the past, fulfilled a very specific need – they offered high density housing but without resorting to high rises and apartment living. These houses are often the typical 2 up, 2 down type and sometimes will include a third box room. For our modern family lives, terraced homes can present problems. The rooms are too small, there are not enough rooms and the options for extension appear limited. After all extending to the side is out if you have neighbours. But there are options to extend your terraced home and it really can transform your living space.


Your cheapest and easiest option when it comes to extending is to add a conservatory to the back of your home. In many cases you will not need planning permission and the work can be completed within a few weeks. In order to make your conservatory feel like a part of the house, you can widen the opening from the house to the conservatory – making it full width and adding bi-fold doors so the entire space can be opened out.

Ground floor extension

If you would like a more permanent structure than a conservatory, you can do a full ground floor extension. This can be used to make your living area larger by opening out the whole space. Or you can add doors between the rooms and have the extension as a separate snug or dining area. If your kitchen is at the back of the house your extension will result in a superb kitchen diner that will transform the downstairs. Your only limits are on the size of your garden and what planners will accept.

Two story extension

If it is acceptable to planners, you can also have a full width two storey extension giving you an extra bedroom upstairs. You may find that the upstairs will need to be reconfigured to allow this and even the stairs may need to be repositioned to prevent issues with long corridors to reach the back room. But it is certainly possible to turn a 2 bed terrace into a 3 or even 4 bedroomed property with a double height extension.

Loft conversion

If upstairs space is what you feel you are lacking, a loft conversion may be exactly what you need. Once again, depending on the size, you may not need planning permission, making this easy to do. Some terraces come with large loft areas with good head height making it possible to add in a good sized room (or even two) with an additional bathroom. If your head height is limited, the best option may be a dormer which can be positioned between the terraces on your part of the roof. There will be party wall agreements to sort out, but it is very doable and will hardly affect your neighbours at all.

So even if you live in a mid-terrace, you have options when it comes to extending, giving you the living space your crave and a lovely home to see you through the family years.