Home Automation Now and For The Future

Home Automation Now and For The Future

Home automation has been a term bandied around for many years now, however it is only recently that an increasing number of households have cottoned on to how effective installing a system of this kind can be. Alongside adding a futuristic element to your home, an automation system could also be the key to reducing the amount of energy wasted by UK households’ year on year.

Home Automation Today

A report compiled by British Gas in partnership with the Future Foundation stated that UK households could save up to £300 million every year by installing devices that automate various aspects of our home and therefore help to reduce the amount of energy we waste.

Audio Visual In Kitchen

With over 2.5 million homeowners leaving lights on when they leave the house and 2.2 million televisions left on standby, this is undoubtedly a significant amount of power and energy we are currently wasting. In total, £1.6bn is currently being wasted every year, which home automation can start to claw back.

Enabling you to control all electrical appliances from the one point, whether that be a touch panel, keypad, iPad or any other smart device, you can take control once more and have everything automated for you. Therefore when you leave the house and lock your front door, your system can, for example, immediately turn off any lights that may have been left on by mistake and ensure the central heating system, which is one of the worst areas with nearly 8 million homes having central heating running every day when unoccupied, is switched off until you return.

Super Cool Features

It’s not just energy that a home automation system can offer though, as there are also a number of cool features that will have friends and family left in awe when they come to visit you. From controlling the opening and closing of blinds at your request to the syncing of entertainment and music systems across every room in your home, it has never been easier to make your home a techno-hub.


By using the likes of Wi-Fi or infrared, almost any electronic device can be integrated within your system, so you can control the music you have playing as you take a relaxing soak in the tub or the channels you play across every TV in your house so you don’t miss a bit of the action as you move from room to room.

With an increasing number of companies like MRFS Group expanding from regular security systems into the home automation field, it is becoming more and more accessible for homeowners to have access to these great features within their own homes.

Home Automation of the Future

This is very much just the beginning in terms of home automation, with many crazy and quirky additions set to come as systems advance and the need develops. Just some of the ideas for future automation include;

  • Heating Sensors

In the coming years, household heating is set to be determined by bio-metric sensors which are worn on the wrists of people in the house, with the temperature being set based upon their own body temperature.

  • Iris Scanning Entrance Systems

For the ultimate in security, entrance to your home will no longer require a key but will instead utilise iris scanning systems to unlock the front door.

  • Electronic Artwork

You’ll no longer have photographs, artwork or paintings up on the walls as these will have been replaced by electronic displays which can change at your request.

  • Digital Splashbacks

Who needs tiles when you can have digital splashbacks in your kitchen? Search the web for great recipes whilst you’re in the kitchen or play your favourite TV shows, view your security camera footage or display your favourite photos.

  • TV Mirrors

Hide away your TV with innovative television mirrors that can be installed literally anywhere in the home, from your lounge to your bathroom! Your TV set is completely camouflaged until turned on, meaning you can benefit from two features in the one space!

Door Entry Panel

With home automation already offering numerous benefits to homeowners, the future is bright and incredibly exciting. What device or appliance would you love to automate in your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

This post was written by Oliver Kyle in partnership with MRFS Group; installers of top of the range home automation systems to make your life easier.