Home Alterations For The Elderly

Home Alterations For The Elderly

Those autumn years are creeping up on more and more of us – there are more than 10 million people over 65 in the UK, and many of them are suffering in properties that aren’t optimised for their needs.

Indeed, the home you bought when you were in your 40s probably isn’t suited to the back pains, rheumatism and impaired mobility that inevitably come with old age.

There are, however, a number of alterations you can make to your home to help you move around. With a few of these tips you can make your house feel less like an obstacle and more like a home again.

The Ideal Recliner

Recliner Chair

When you’ve got lower back pain, sitting down moves from a delight for your derriere to a bout of awkwardness and discomfort. You wriggle around and try to find a comfy spot, but all to no avail – back pain has beaten you once again.

But you might have simply not found the right seat yet. Until, like seeing a star-crossed lover at the other end of a bar, you spot a recliner chair. Pick up recliner chairs from a top-notch provider and your back will enjoy a greater range of comfort.

Give Your Stairs a Lift


You might be vaguely aware of stair lifts, those mechanical seats that help you up and down the levels of your house, but you might not know the advancements they’ve made since their inception.

Nowadays, they’ve moved past being rickety contraptions and become completely flexible. They fit on curved or straight rails, provide ample back support, safe speed variables and can even be made extra safe with seatbelts and harnesses.

When battling stairs is too much for your knees, the solution could be as simple as having a seat.

Bathe In Comfort

Walk In Bath

When your knees are creaking, getting in and out of the bath can be a horrific struggle, and standing in the shower for any length of time is the equivalent to Chinese water torture when your joints ache.

To make a scrub enjoyable again, invest in a walk-in bath that will let you avoid hoisting your way into the tub. The cream of these walk-in baths also feature raised platforms to perch on without straining your joints.

While a good quality walk-in bath could set you back a few grand, the cash is worth coughing up if you want a relaxing bathing experience.

Mobility Fitness

Mobility Treadmill

You might be struggling with mobility, but that doesn’t mean you can allow your fitness to go to pot. With regular exercise, your health won’t take a beating.

For your home, the solution is to install exercise equipment designed for impaired mobility. This can be something as simple as lightweight dumbbells or a treadmill set on a lower speed function. However, certain machines also feature settings to help those who struggle with movement.

So, exercise more in your home and you’ll find your movement isn’t as impaired as you thought.