Hiring a House Painter vs Doing It Yourself

Hiring a House Painter vs Doing It Yourself

A house can look very smart indeed with a new coat of paint on the outside. While it may not seem to be the most important job that needs doing, every house will benefit from a regular exterior paint job. This is because the paint is formulated to provide a resistance to the weather, protecting your home day in, day out.

If your home is in need of painting you have an important decision to make. Will you pay someone to come in and do it for you or will you do it yourself? Let’s take a closer look at the two options.

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The Costs Of Hiring A House Painter

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Costs will vary depending on whether the painter charges by the day or provides a flat rate for the job. They will also vary depending on whether you just want the walls painted or whether any paintwork needs doing as well. If you have double glazing and plastic drainpipes the chances are you won’t need anything other than the basic house painted.

The fee will also depend on how big your house is. If you live in a small mid-terrace two-bedroom property it will be a fairly small and fast job to complete. However a detached property with eight bedrooms and a separate detached garage that also needs painting will clearly take longer and be pricier too.

As such the costs could range from hundreds of pounds to thousands. The quality of the paint and products you want them to use will also affect the final price.

The Costs Of Doing It Yourself

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Painting your own house might seem to be a great way to save some cash. However you’ll still need to pay out for brushes, paint and other essentials.

This isn’t the main thing to think about though. When you do it yourself you have to find the time to get the job done. If you have a big property it will likely not be a job to complete in a weekend. Do you reasonably have the time to get it done without it dragging on for several weeks?

You also have to think about the potential to lose time you would otherwise spend on other things. This is more important if you are self-employed. If you end up painting your house when you should be working, you’ll be losing money. In this situation you would be better off working to pay a painter to come and do the job for you.

Finally you have to consider whether or not you are comfortable climbing ladders. It’s not so bad if you live in a bungalow but a house is a different matter entirely.

Costs vs Benefits

In the end this is what you need to weigh up. A house painter will be a lot faster than a DIY job. It will involve far less hassle too as you won’t have to do all the things you hate, such as rubbing down any paintwork or climbing ladders. It will cost more than doing it yourself but you have to weigh that cost against the benefits of getting a professional in to do the job for you.

If you do decide to hire someone for the task, make sure you get a few quotes first. This will enable you to select the best person for the task as well as identifying a good rate for the job.

There is no right or wrong option – only the right or wrong option in your situation. Only you know whether you would be better off tackling the job yourself or whether a pro would be the best option.