High Tech Bathroom Gadgets

High Tech Bathroom Gadgets

Technology is moving at an alarming rate, to the point where things considered purely conceptual and out of reach of us lowly mortal members of the public are now freely available to use with a wallet large enough. Autonomous self-driving cars are slowly becoming a reality for the not-too-distant future and Google Glass gives anyone the opportunity to experience wearable tech that’s the stuff of sci-fi movies.

And your bathroom is no different; home automation technology has exploded in recent years, quickly becoming more abundant and more advanced. This post, from the cutting-edge bathroom experts at Bathroom Deal, runs through four of the most astonishing and technologically mind-blowing futuristic bathroom gadgets

Dyson Airblade Tap

Dyson Airblade TapDyson are now well established and renowned for their non-vacuum cleaner products, and we’ve all seen the Airblade hand drier cropping up in pub toilets and motorway service station bathrooms all over the country. Now the multi-billion pound design company have integrated this with a motion-sensitive tap to create a great all-in-one addition to your bathroom, drying your hands in no more than 12 seconds. The controlled water flow and sensor activation of the tap also ensures maximum water efficiency – cutting down on bills, too.

Hue Light Bulbs (and App!)

Hue LightingHue light bulbs, from renowned electronics manufacturer Philips, are devilishly simple but amazingly effective. The bulbs utilise LED lighting to allow for complete control over the strength, colour and ‘warmth’ of the lighting – all via your smartphone. The bulbs simply screw into your existing light sockets, removing the need for expensive fittings, and communicate wirelessly to a ‘bridge’ which is connected to the internet; whether at home or out and about, you can control literally every aspect from the palm of your hand.

The Hydra Waterproof TV

Waterproof TVHave you ever been frustrated that you miss on your favourite shows, the news or big blockbuster movies when you take a shower or slip into a hot bath? The Hydra waterproof TV from Seura has you covered. IP-65 rated for wet environments and with a full HD screen, the Hydra also features a fantastic range of bezels to suit your existing bathroom design – even marble. It’s an easy-to-integrate and genuinely useful way to bring the future into your bathroom.

Cybertecture Mirror

Cybertecture MirrorAnother product that’s reminiscent of science fiction and also inexplicably available for anyone with a big enough bathroom renovation budget is this smart mirror from Cybertecture. Activated either by its own remote control or by your own smartphone, the mirror displays literally any information you could possibly need for the day ahead – including weather, news, social media updates and even health information via its peripheral sensor pad. You can also pull this information remotely from your smartphone, PC or laptop, too.