Have You Considered LED Lights For Your Home?

Have You Considered LED Lights For Your Home?

LED lights are far more than just an efficient option design to slice a significant chunk off of our energy bills. There’s a wealth of potential locked insight this simple and already well-established technology, and a simple flick of a switch is all it takes to make an enormous impact and the way the rest of the home is designed and set up, too.

It’s causing some great changes in the world of interior design, both in terms of how we all approach lighting and wider room design as a whole. This latest post, from the LED lighting experts at INUI, takes a look at the wider impact the (not literal) explosion of LED is having on the way we look at home interior design.

Design With Efficiency In Mind

The efficiency of LED technology has been a fantastic springboard for promoting efficiency elsewhere in the home. While there are plenty of other energy saving options around, LED bulbs take the crown, and with this idea planted firmly at the front of people’s minds it helps to pull the rest of your home (or at the very least the room you’re renovating and decorating) in line with these massively reduced energy consumption rates.

Modern heating appliances, TVs, wall chargers and other electronics all focus enormously on energy consumption and overall efficiency – if it’s not efficient, it’s not worth having! Given that LED lighting is so easy to implement, it’s really helped to break the ice and pave the way for overall efficiency.

Seamless Home Automation Integration

As we’ve mentioned, making the move to efficient LED lighting isn’t difficult or expensive to implement into your home – the bulbs simply screw in to your existing light fittings with no other additions necessary. This is fantastic for those wanting to dip their toe into the world of home automation; given how LED technology works, it’s really simple to implement computer-based control over how it functions.

Hue, a type of LED light developed by Philips, is a prime example of this – it has simple wireless technology built in allowing for connection to the internet, communication with a smartphone app and control from the palm of your hand. Whether it’s turning on lights while you’re away or changing colour schemes for mood, control is virtually limitless.

Improving Small/Low-Light Rooms

Of course, LED lighting isn’t limited to replacing bulbs – the technology can be incorporated into anything that can house the tiny diodes. This makes for a much more space efficient and easy-to-install solution for those particularly small or low-light areas of your home – think cupboards under the stairs, sheds, loft conversions, garages etc.

Thanks to the incredibly low power requirements, the increased safety and the durability of these bulbs, it makes lighting those areas which were previous tricky, expensive or space-consuming to light with traditional means an absolute breeze.

Transforming Colour Palettes

We’ve touched on home automation already, but LED lights can affect room design in their own unique way – and it’s a way that literally no other lighting option is able to do. Thanks to the variation and

control that’s available with LED lighting there’s an absolutely astonishing array of colour combinations on tap, also interchangeable instantly and without replacing any bulbs or diodes.

Some give the option to control via your smartphone or a central control system, others will let you change on a dial or switch. However it’s done, though, you have an endless array of colour schemes on offer to instantly change the style, tone and feel of a room without having to pick up a paintbrush or fire up a drill.

Unimaginable Lighting Creations

As we’ve already mentioned, LED lighting technology is not limited to your typical standard home bulbs – anything which can fit the tiny diodes can ‘become’ a lighting fixture. This allows for much more adventurous, ostentatious and truly creative designs with virtually no restrictions on size, shape and style. Whether you want to create something in a bizarre contorted shape or something ultra slim and compact, LED lighting makes it possible and it’s already made its way into the world of one-off designer pieces.

This article on the Wall Street Journal has some amazing examples of unique designs – from the sleek to the strange. It’s looking at examples like this that make it painfully obvious that LED technology has absolutely blown the scope for creative interior design wide open – there are no boundaries anymore!