Great Storage Solutions For The Modern Family

Great Storage Solutions For The Modern Family

When choosing furniture for a living room, or a family space in a new house extension or conversion, the first thing that most of us think about is appearance and, in the case of seating, comfort. Naturally, our priority is for something that will look great, and be comfortable to sit on.

We like our living room furniture to say something about our taste in design and to match seamlessly with the rest of the decor. But all too often the practical uses of furniture items can be put to one side, and our desire for the right look can supersede the functional needs of the space we are furnishing.

sofaIt’s great to have a huge sofa that you can sink into, but if it’s too large, there won’t be enough space for you to enjoy the living room and use it to its full potential. Likewise, sideboards and shelving can be stylish and smart, but first and foremost, they need to be able to hold all of your possessions so as to avoid the room becoming cluttered and messy.

The good news is that there is plenty of fantastic living room furniture that does the job of both looking great and providing practical storage solutions. This means that there is no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds: a tidy and spacious living room that has great looking furniture, plus all of the storage space you need. Here are some pieces of living room furniture that make great storage solutions for the modern family.

Coffee tables

living room with coffee table

As the piece of furniture that usually sits in the very centre of a living room, the coffee table is important in terms of appearance. It needs to complement the sofa and help to tie the room’s overall aesthetic together. However, too often the coffee table ends of being used as the repository for old magazines and newspapers, and the place where the remote can usually be found. The answer to this problem is to choose a coffee table that comes with integrated drawers. With the addition of one or two slender drawers beneath the tabletop, there’s no need for your coffee table to ever appear cluttered.

Storage benches

storage bench
Providing both an elegant seating area and an invaluable extra storage space, a bench with drawers is the ideal addition to any modern family’s living room.  As well as tidy drawers beneath the seat, many benches also come with areas for matching wicker baskets, adding an additional texture to the bench’s appearance. Another possibility is a shoe bench, these are particularly useful if you are furnishing a house extension or conservatory that has direct access to the outdoors.

TV stands

Very much a focal point in most modern living rooms, the television needs to be clearly visible from all areas of the living room, so a TV stand becomes an important purchase when furnishing a living room.

spectral TV stand

Fortunately, this too is an excellent opportunity for some handy storage space. As the stand needs to provide a certain degree of elevation so that everyone can see the screen, it leaves ample space for drawers or baskets beneath. All of which means that remote controls, DVDs and TV guides no longer need to languish on the living room floor.

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