Garden Patio Ideas – 10 Tips to Decorate and Furnish Your Patio

Garden Patio Ideas – 10 Tips to Decorate and Furnish Your Patio

As the area in your garden where you are likely to spend time relaxing and socialising, your patio and decking is worth making the most of when it comes to decorating and furnishing. Here are ten things that help to make your patio or decking an even better place to relax, enjoys meals and entertain your guests. Image source:

Garden Sofa Sets

Dahlia 3 Seat Sofa Set by
If you’ve got the space, few things will make your patio a more pleasant place to be than a luxurious sofa set. Attractive and stylish, as well as being extremely comfortable, these rattan sofa sets come in a variety of sizes and seating arrangements, and there is a choice of rattan colours to suit the rest of your garden patio or decking: chocolate or black. View product

Patio Hammock

garden hammock
The ultimate in summertime bliss and relaxation, a hammock is great for enjoying the sun in style. As not many of us have two conveniently situated trees from which to attach a hammock, we like the look of these patio hammocks. Perfect for lying back with a good book, and a tall drink to hand, these hammocks are also attractive pieces of furniture in their own right. View Product

Built in BBQ

A barbecue is a patio essential, of course, but some barbecues become an architectural feature in their right. Brick BBQs are for serious outdoor chefs who cook for family and friends on a regular basis. Not to everyone’s taste admittedly, but well worth considering if you’re serious about Alfresco living. Image source:

Bistro Set

Nydia Square Stacking Bistro Set
If you don’t have the space for a full sofa set, there are still plenty of options for neat and stylish patio furniture. These bistro sets are great for enjoying breakfast, or a light lunch, and can be stacked in a very economical way, making them easy to store when they are not in use. As with the sofa sets, this rattan furniture comes in either chocolate or black-coloured rattan weave. View Product

Garden Lighting

Patio lighting
For those long summer evenings, when the dinner party on the patio extends into the night, lighting becomes an important element of any well-designed patio or decking. The next few suggestions are lighting options, starting with LED lights for decking. Capable of giving your decking or patio a cool glow, these inset small lights can make an excellent border to a decking area. Image source:

Oil Lantern

contemporary oil lantern
As an attractive feature, and an effective means of lighting, this contemporary oil lamp is a winner. With a modern, almost minimalist design, it stands securely, and when placed in the right position, perhaps to one side of the seating area, it makes a great focal point for any patio or decking area. View Product

Large Metal Lantern

large metal lantern
For a more classic look for a lighting feature, we love the look of these large ‘distressed’ lamps. With a warm candle glow and glass on all sides, these lamps will a pleasing gentle illumination any outdoor dinner party or gathering.View Product

Granite Planter

granite planter
Naturally, plants can make great features and focal points for patios and decking, and there a range of planter options available. We have selected two worth mentioning, starting with these solid, almost architectural, granite planters. Sturdy, strong and refined, they provide a solid base for plants, and will match modern style furnishings. View Product

Rattan Planter

rattan planters
The perfect accompaniment to a rattan sofa or table and chairs, and a pleasing feature in its own right, a rattan planter is an excellent choice for most patios. Sturdy and reliable, and with a pleasingly natural look and feel, rattan is a great material for planters. View Product

Water feature

water feature
Finally, why not consider a elegant water feature to give your patio something a little different from the norm. A stylish water feature will be a popular and appealing focal point in most garden areas and looks great on a patio or decking. Image source:

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