Fully Insulated Garden Rooms

Fully Insulated Garden Rooms

It is one thing to add a shed to your garden, but quite another to add a fully insulated garden room to it. To be clear, these are large structures that really do offer an extra room for you to enjoy. They often come with double doors and lots of windows so they let in lots of light and provide a comfortable space to enjoy throughout the day and long into the evening.

If you haven’t heard much about garden rooms before, now is your chance to get the most pertinent answers.

A Practical Way To Add Extra Space To Your Home and Garden

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Many people could do with an extra room in their home. The only problem is an extension can be expensive. It’s also a long and arduous (not to mention messy) job to get involved in.

A garden room is a fast and easy way to get that extra space without paying extortionate prices for it. They are fully insulated so they’re lovely and warm even during the winter, and with double-glazed windows and doors included you will have a haven to escape to whenever you need one. Indeed you might find a room at the bottom of the garden is a far more beneficial addition to your home.

What Can Garden Rooms Be Used For?

Insulated Garden Room Inside

The opportunities are virtually limitless. Some people set theirs up with gym equipment for the perfect home gym. You won’t be tripping over the weights or other items because they’ll all be safe in one place.

Other people use theirs as a practical home office. Indeed some of the larger rooms can accommodate a desk and other office equipment as well as an armchair or two to lounge in during those essential coffee breaks.

You could even use your garden room as a great place to host a garden party. Imagine having a BBQ fired up outside, drinks on ice and lots of garden chairs set out on the lawn. You can open the doors to your room and enjoy some shade indoors as well as enjoying the company of your friends and family.

Of course you might simply want a place to escape to. If you practice yoga or Pilates this would be the perfect little retreat to do it in. Alternatively a big chunky sofa, a large bookcase packed with good books and perhaps a small fridge to store a few treats and soft drinks – now that sounds appealing.

How Much Will A Garden Room Cost?

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The basic aspects to bear in mind are the size and quality of the garden room you decide to buy. The larger and better-made it is, the more you can expect to spend. However it will be a good investment as these buildings are built to last and provide lots of pleasure for you and your family.

A basic 3m by 3m insulated garden room could give you plenty of change out of £6,000. At the other end of the scale a much larger 6m by 4m insulated garden room will come in at just under £11,000. When you compare these prices to the cost and upheaval an extension can involve, you can see the advantages of going down this route instead. You won’t need to worry about planning permission either, so it is a much faster way to get extra space.

If you choose to buy an insulated garden room make sure you consider what size you should get and where you will place it. This will ensure you get the room you want at a very appealing price too. What will you do in yours?