Kitchen Cost For Victorian House - Magnet vs B&Q

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    Hi There,

    New to this fourm! so Hello :)

    I just thought i'd share my experience of planning a new Kitchen with you guys!

    I moved house last month into a larger 3 bed semi detached victorian house. The house was built just before world war 2 (around 1936 - 1938) and there are a lot of the original features still in the property today (Which I would like to keep). So we are are planning on working through each room at a time.

    Front of the house:

    Anyway, the first task that needs doing is the Kitchen. The previous owners did have a small extension to the rear of the property which has given more space for the Kitchen. There is a small pantry area which does give extra space for a fridge and condiments however there is not much overall kitchen and cupboard space.


    I have selected two Kitchen companies to get quotes from. 1) is Magnet Kitchens as I hear the customer service, quality and their professionalism is excellent. 2) is B&Q as they appear to be much more afforable.

    Kitchen Before Picture (Limited Space)

    You can see from the above image that the Kitchen is very small and is constricted to the corner. It is also overpowered by a large rangemaster cooker. Really not suitable for this size Kitchen.

    I was also be replacing to the exsisting Kitchen tiles with new larger black slate tiles.

    I will let you know my findings and document my progression.

    Bye For Now.

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