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  1. Nora

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    Last week we had painted our house. Since neither me nor my hubby is a master at the art we called professionals who know the job. While painting the window panes they noticed draft formation in the windows on the first floor. It has only started and is barely noticeable, the painters caught it because they have seen this many a times.
    They are of the opinion that the windows should be possible. Even I checked the net and read that draft formation is one of the first steps to window damage. But should I replace them with new windows now itself? Won't they run for a few more months? What do you guys think?
  2. Terry Foran

    Terry Foran New Member

    Hi Nora, my recommendation would be to go for a respectable company if you were looking at getting the windows replaced, and if your having to paint them chances are they are taking in water ruining the paint.
    the problem with wooden frames as nice as they are they will always need maintaining.

    The market place is completely unregulated, and this allows companies to quote anything for some of the cheapest windows in the market, leaving you in a position of having to replace in the foreseeable future.

    if you want a little more information please PM me and i'll do my best to advise.


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