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    Selenium, in turn, perfectly reduces the level of compounds that cause a variety of changes and inflammations in our body. In addition, it participates in the production of thyroid hormones and testosterone. The rich source of selenium is eggs, nuts, seeds, giblets, lentils and dairy Dermavelle products. Antioxidants in cosmetics Antioxidants are so versatile compounds that they occur in both food and cosmetics. Both have similar functions, but they appear slightly different. Well, by consuming products, fruits and vegetables or meat that has antioxidants, we act on our body from the inside. When using cosmetics, the antioxidant will work from the outside. Although the applied cosmetics with antioxidants have the ability to absorb deeper skin structures (creams, serum, balsams), no cosmetics with their beneficial properties will penetrate into the body. In turn, by eating foods containing antioxidants, we will both support our body from the inside, as well as the skin, which is on the outside. Despite this minimal difference, do not give up cosmetics containing antioxidants.

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