How to produce our own flood consequence assesment? Are there any examples or templates available?

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    [​IMG]Hi there,
    We are going through the planning process to convert our dairy into an annexe but have been told by Snowdonia National Park Authority that we need a flood consequence assessment assesment.

    We are next to a tiny river but it has never flooded anywhere near the dairy.

    This is what they have said,
    1. I attach a screenshot of the correct Development Advice Map outline, which shows
      the development site is in fact within the C2 outline. You will therefore need to
      submit an FCA. For a development of this scale, we would not expect any hydraulic
      modelling to be undertaken. The FCA is likely to be something you could undertake
      yourself. The purpose of the FCA is to seek to ensure the development is as safe
      from flooding as it can be by incorporating appropriate mitigation measures and flood
      resistant/resilient materials and techniques into the design where possible (e.g.
      raised floor levels, tiled or concrete floors rather than wooden, raised electrical
      sockets, non-return valves on water inlet and outlet pipes, etc). Any residual risks
      should be shown to be manageable.

      Does anybody have an example of the kind of thing we need to produce or know of some kind of template? We've been quoted thousands of pounds to get it done for us and simply dont have that kind of money.

      Any help with this would be amazing! Thanks, Catrin.
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