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    I am a master builder and was diagnosed with MS in my mid thirties. This came as a kick in the teeth. I was advised to think about a change of career I was born to build it all came naturally I wasn’t going to change just so a clerk at the employment centre got brownie points. I enrolled into a residential training college up in the north east a town called pity me I was introduced to bottled ‘newky brown’ ale it’s all they drink up there The course was all builders from all over the UK. We could have started our own building firm there were brickies. Joiners. Plasterers and plumbers. Imagine a residential training college with it’s on bar full of builders. Anyway I took a course in quantity surveying I’ve always had a keen interest in CAD. Now I am able to draw plans with a project schedule including itemised priced bills of quantities. Now I’ve had a stroke I am prepared for it I am still building albeit on a screen I’ve been trying to get hold of FES treatment It’s been approved by NICE. The proof of its efficacy is the number of private clinics opening up in the UK. I’ve been in touch with a number of them who, state ‘try before you buy’ but in every case the replies are how much treatments are and appointment times not one of them will let me ‘try before buy ‘I’ve got building expertise taught to me by time served tradesmen from. Foundations to roofing. I’m now in a unique situation with the ability to draw plans and project schedules from given dimensions and design brief. I’m going to use these skills for free as a way raising funds t’m going make all this equipment available for those with neurological disorders instead of having to pay for assessments to private clinics when all they like me want to do is try it I can’t charge for this because I’m on DLA .The other option is if you are satisfied with I’ve done make a donation towards the funding

    Number 1 period terraced refurbishment because of the amount of these properties lying empty throughout the UK with councils practically .giving them away with improvement grants

    Number 2 3 bed disabled accessible holiday home/lodge for family and or carers because of the lack of suitable disabled holiday accommodation

    Number 3 2 storey side extension one of the most common of extensions done where the client fails to maximise the potential with a loft conversion

    number 4 detached house built with 2 methods of construction MMC modern methods of construction and traditional brick build to show building costs in the 2 methods of construction All these are VAT exempt except number 3 unless for disabled use

    I will attach examples of these and as I said all I need are dimensions and brief. I do it all by email in PDF no paperwork needed the councils in their wisdom don’t want them PR stunt for saving the rain forests I’ve submitted plans including application forms for both planning and building regulations to several local authorities

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