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    Hi everyone,

    My names Ben and I live in the Midlands.

    Im just in the process of starting a new house extension and hope to use this forum to share my experience and ask questions when I get stuck or need advice!

    I own a 3 bedroom end of terrace house and Im looking to add an extra bedroom and more room downstairs. I have been playing around with a few sketches on grid paper and have had an initial chat with an architect.

    Im deliberating whether to have a full width single storey extension on the back of the house (with bedroom above) or just a single storey extension in front of my kitchen with the bedroom above.

    Luckily my father in-law is a retired builder and will be helping project manage the extension.

    I just need to do my sums now!

    I will look to record my progress in the the "Your Projects" section.

  2. admin

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    Hi Ben,

    Welcome to the Forum! Sounds like your father in-law will come in useful, please keep us updated on your progress. Remember to do your sums and over estimate as you are bound to run into unexpected challenges.



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