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    Hi all, need to completely renovate my bathroom. It has wood chip wallpaper to be stripped and needs to be plastered, walls and floor tiled, a new suite put in and worst of all it's the only toilet in the house so we need to plan this right. it needs to be a space saving suite with some sort of storage, in a tiny room, basement level under the stairs....... Serious stress and money is going to go into this room :/ any ideas on the order it can be done to keep a toilet in use?
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    Hi there and welcome to the Forum.

    Are you doing this all yourself or hiring a builder?

    Personally, I would suggest tilling the floor first and then fitting the new toilet. If you tile around the toilet it can give a cheaper looking finish. This will give a neater finish and if you ever need to replace the toilet it should be easier.

    Please share some pictures of your project.



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