Flowers For Creating a Cottage Garden

Flowers For Creating a Cottage Garden

If you love the look of the traditional cottage garden come summer time, you’ll be delighted to hear that there are a number of flowers and shrubs that can help you recreate this look in your own outside space. With a little care and attention, your garden can be transformed into the beautiful space you want it to be, and here are a few of our favourite flowers that can help you achieve it.

We’ve teamed up with flower experts, Designer Flowers, to run through six of our favourite flowers for creating a beautiful summer cottage garden and how you can utilise them to the best effect;


DelphiniumThis hardy herbaceous perennial offers beautiful shades of blue, with mauves and whites intertwined, for the classic look. Rising up to 5ft in height depending on variety, when the summer months arise, spires of flowers will be protruding from your garden.

For the best results, plant towards the back of a sunny yet sheltered border or amongst shrubs, and remember to use canes to stake the plant and ensure it grows straight.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly BushIf you want to attract butterflies to your garden when the weather heats up, the Butterfly bush is the shrub for you. A deciduous shrub, this plant suits most soil types and will produce purple-red flowers throughout the summer.

Ideal for use towards the back of mixed borders to complete the look perfectly, it is important that hard pruning is undertaken for long lasting results.


GeraniumCreating gorgeous lavender blue flowers when it blooms in summer, geraniums have long been popular choices within cottage gardens. Suitable for most soils and renowned for being hardy, which is important in the unpredictable British summers, this herbaceous perennial offers a quaint, delicate touch to any flower bed.

Line the front of flower borders with beautiful geraniums for a great effect or amongst other flowering shrubs to benefit from colour and responsive growing habits.

Dianthus (Pinks)

Dianthus PinksThe dianthus, also known as pinks, is an evergreen perennial that produces beautiful flowers in various shades of pink and white. Requiring well drained soil, this plant is a real favourite thanks to the clove-scented flowers it blooms.

For the best end results, plant in raised beds, large separate containers or at the front of flowerbeds where they can take in as much sun as possible.

Ornamental Onion

Ornamental OnionCreating a striking look to any garden, the ornamental onion or Allium Hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’, is a summer flowering bulb that can help you create the chocolate box look in your garden. The beautiful flower blooms in early summer with a bright violet pompom-like effect that will instantly catch the eye.

Requiring well drained soil, this hardy plant looks great when planted between other shrubs or shorter perennials like lavender as it will effortlessly appear between it.

Black Eyed Susan

Black Eyed SusanThe black eyed Susan takes its name from its bright yellow flowers with seemingly ‘black eyes’ in the middle that will brighten any garden throughout summer and into early autumn. Suitable for most soil types, this is an herbaceous perennial that benefits from large daisy like flowers.

Plant along border edges to complement other shrubs and similar plants for a beautifully colourful attraction as you attempt to recreate the perfect cottage garden.

With any of these plants, flowers and shrubs in your garden, you’ll be well on the way to creating a stunning cottage garden that can be enjoyed all summer long.