Five Money Saving Home Improvements

Five Money Saving Home Improvements

Improving your home really can offer you so much more than a nicer environment to live in – it can actually save you money in the long run. While it might seem like a large initial investment to make significant home improvements, sometimes that investment can result in money in your pocket. That sounds like a win win situation to us.

double glazing can save you money

1. Double (or even triple) glazing

Not only will new double glazing improve the look of your home inside and out, it can save you plenty of money in energy bills. Cold air will often enter the home through single glazed units and will make your home uncomfortable in the winter months. Not to mention the condensation and mould. According to the Energy Saving Trust you could save up to £110 each year by adding new glazing to a semi-detached home.

2. Front porch and door

The front aspect of your home can be hugely improved by adding an attractive porch with a well fitted door. Not only will you have a place to shelter while you remove your coats and boots, but it is an extra barrier to the outside for the rest of the house. Having a door between your main hallway and the front door will prevent the wind getting through and cooling down your home.


3. Garage

You may have considered adding a garage to your home because it will improve its value, but have you thought about the savings you could make on your car insurance by housing your car inside a well fitted and secure garage? Your car will certainly be safer and cleaner if stored inside a garage. Not to mention the protection of your household appliances and tools.

4. Insulation

Yes, we all know that you could save money on your energy bills by insulating your loft or cavity walls, but have you thought about your pipes? Your water pipes weave their way all around your home, usually in the walls or under the floor. But on occasion it is necessary to route them along exterior walls and even outside your home. Those pipes should always be insulated to prevent freezing. If your pipes freeze and burst, you can be looking at a huge volume of water inside your home. That will cost you and your insurer more money and time than you can even imagine.

5. Guttering

Guttering ReplacementPoor guttering can cause huge problems to your home and this often takes place over a long period of time. Small damp patches become larger ones and before you know it you are paying for repairs that should have been unnecessary. If your gutters and soffits have seen better days, it really is worth replacing them. In the long term this is an investment in your home that will really pay off.

By spending a little money now on minor and major home improvements you can prevent problems down the line. Your home will look better, function better, have added value and save you money. What’s not to like?