Many people are looking at the self-build option today, not just for new houses but also for extensions to their current property. You don’t have to be a builder, architect, plasterer, to be able to take on a self-build project. Anyone with the right get-up-and-go can upgrade their property or take on the project of building a complete house if they get the right guidance and advice.

Self Building your Extension

Self-Build New Homes

This website is not designed to give advice on building a new house yourself. There are many excellent websites around that can give you a good range of excellent information on finding building land, getting finance, and actually building the house. Links to some of these can be found in the Supplier Directory. There are also a good range of magazines in which you can find a whole host of information and suppliers.

New Self-Build Case Study – Follow the progress of this Self Build House Extension

Finding a Plot

There are a number of companies and websites which specialise in identifying plots of land available for building development. See our Supplier Directory for more information.

Self-Build Extension

More people are likely to take on a self-build project if it is an extension to their current property. It may take more time if you are fitting in the digging and bricklaying during weekends and holidays, but it will be worth it when you look at what you have achieved at the end.

Self Build Extensions

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Remember, even though you are going to carrying out the building work yourself, you will still need planning permission from your local council. Take a look through our Planning Permission section to get advice and information on this procedure. Building Regulations will also be required so make sure you approach your local council to obtain information on exactly what plans they require and how many copies. Some councils will provide a booklet on obtaining planning permission and building regulations if you ask them. It is well worth getting advice from an architect, they will often be very happy to give advice to the self-builder.

Don’t forget to organise building inspections with your local council. They will still need to make inspections at the same stages compared to those who have their extension built by a local builder. Remember builders see the building inspectors regularly and therefore, can build up a relationship. You don’t have this benefit, and therefore, need to be as helpful as possible right from the start.

Builders for House Extensions

Do-it-Yourself or Tradesmen

Self-Build does not always mean doing all the hard work yourself. It means that you control the project and can bring in builders, plumbers, electricians when required. You can, obviously take on some of the hard work yourself, dig some foundations, lay a few bricks, even do a bit of plastering. But often some aspects of building work are best left to the experts and sometimes the law intercedes, especially when it comes to heating systems that use gas. Electricity may also be an area best left to those that know!

Speak to other self-builders or look at some of the sites listed in the Supplier Directory to find the best and most helpful trades people in your area. Then speak to them, discuss your requirements, obtain a quote and make sure both sides know exactly what is required. Get everything in writing so that there is no problems later on if things don’t quite go to plan.


Finance & Insurance

Obtaining Finance for a self-build extension should not be any more difficult than getting the money to pay someone else. Check out the Finance section of this site to see what options there are available to you. Again, with insurance, as long as the necessary inspections have been carried out the the building control section of your local council, insurance should not be a problem.


Self-building your extension can be a very exciting project to take on. It is not quite as daunting as building a whole house, but it can be as satisfying.

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