The definitive home for planning and building control advice, the Planning Portal is the government’s online resource for planning in England and Wales. It features information and services designed to make using the planning and building control systems faster, easier and more accessible.
Planning Portal

Planning and Building Control Explained

When it comes to planning your building or renovation project, the planning and building control systems can determine much of what you can and can’t do – that’s why it pays to stay informed.

The Planning Portal provides planning and building regulations information in an easy-to-understand format. In particular, you can access an interactive tool to find out if you need permission for your works.

Should you need to submit a planning application online, step-by-step help text guides you through the process.

Local Information

The Planning Portal partners with every district-level local authority in England and Wales , making it easier for you to access local information:

  • Search for planning applications submitted for your neighbourhood
  • Appeal against a planning decision online
  • Find out about the planning policies affecting your town

Visit to find out more.

Greener Homes

By making more efficient use of energy and reducing waste, we can save energy, prevent climate change and save money on bills.

Access a guide to ‘greener homes’ that looks at the planning and building regulations regimes for the main domestic microgeneration technologies and for the different ways to make more efficient use of energy in the home.

Greener Homes

This includes guidance on:

  • solar electricity/thermal
  • small scale wind turbines
  • ground source heat pumps, and more

The guide also provides other energy saving tips for householders, such as glazing windows, loft insulation, cavity/solid wall insulation and floor insulation.

Visit the Planning Portal’s Greener Homes page for more advice.

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