If you find you have asbestos in your home you may have to get it removed. If this is the case you will need to have it removed by specialists who know exactly how to handle the material and dispose of it safely. The service will include preparing the area where asbestos is present and providing decontamination areas for the people who will be removing it. They will wear appropriate clothing and masks for the job, and will dispose of the asbestos in a sealed unit so no fibres from the asbestos can escape.

As you can imagine, with a process this involved it is not going to be cheap to have it done. But exactly how costly is costly?

Hundreds or thousands?

The amount you would be charged for the removal of asbestos will depend on the nature of the job to be done. For example you may find your garage roof is made from asbestos sheets. This would be a fairly simple job compared to the prospect of removing asbestos from various locations throughout an entire building. As such you can assume prices will start in the low hundreds for this type of work.

You should be aware that the costs can rise into thousands depending on the nature of the work. For example, a garage roof is relatively easy to remove because it is easily accessible. However, if you have an asbestos survey completed and you find there is asbestos underneath your floorboards, this will be harder to remove. Obviously the quantity of asbestos will affect the price you will pay, but the area it is found in will affect the price too.

The condition of it could also have a bearing on the final quote. If that garage roof is solid and the sheets are easy to remove, it will be among the easiest and most straightforward removal jobs you could have. In contrast, if you find your loft insulation has asbestos in it, this will be loose material and be very fibrous as a result – the most deadly condition it could be in. This would result in a more complex removal process, and that will increase the price charged.

How can I get the best price?

Make sure you shop around for a qualified professional in your local area. Ideally you should get a minimum of three quotes. Make sure everyone you approach has insurance to cover the work they will be doing.

Is there any way to tackle the work on my own?

Some people want to save the money it would cost them to hire someone else to remove the asbestos. You can do this on your own without anyone employed to assist you. However you should take all necessary precautions, such as wearing a face mask and overalls. Dispose of everything afterwards. Soak the asbestos too, as it stops the fibres from going into the air. Many local waste recycling centres will take asbestos provided it is properly double bagged in thick plastic.