Extending a Garage – Costs and Advice

Extending a Garage – Costs and Advice

Are you unhappy with the size of your garage? Maybe you’ve bought a bigger car and you’ve realised it won’t fit in there comfortably – not with all the other things you have in there anyway.

That’s why it might prove useful to consider extending your garage. We’ve put together a few points here to think about if you are considering this route.

Extending a Garage Width

You have to think of the size of your plot here. If your garage is attached to the side of your house, you will be asking to extend it out closer to the boundary. This requires planning permission to do.

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If you are thinking of getting rid of an existing freestanding garage and replacing it with a wider one, it is regarded as a temporary building. This means planning permission should not be required for your wider garage. Do make sure you don’t encroach on the property line however otherwise you could be storing up problems with neighbours in the future.

Extending a Garage Length

Again the important factor is whether or not your existing garage is attached to your property. If it is, a proposed extension to your garage should need planning permission.

Similarly a freestanding garage that is made from pre-formed sections will likely not require planning permission. This means you could get rid of an existing one and replace it with something longer. In every case though you need to be aware of boundaries.

Extending a Garage Cost

The usual rule-of-thumb cost to bear in mind here is £1,000 for each square metre you are adding on. However this does not include VAT. Furthermore this is only a ballpark figure. A lot will depend on what foundations are required, how big the extension will be and what standard it will be finished to. The simpler it is the cheaper it is likely to be, but again different builders will charge differently. It will also likely depend on where you live. Imagine a garage extension in London compared to one completed by a company out in the sticks and you can imagine there will be a little difference in price!

Do I Need Planning Permission To Extend My Garage?

Under the current rules in place in England a garage is an outbuilding. If you are extending an existing garage you may or may not need planning permission; it depends on the individual situation and what you want to do. To be on the safe side, while many garages don’t need permission, it is best to seek advice before you start.

By seeking out the latest advice from the official government planning portal you can check the latest information. You must adhere to the conditions laid down for garages and other similar structures. If you have plans to convert the interior of your garage at the same time you will need to read the rules in relation to this type of work as well.

Whatever you want to do and whatever your budget might be, the first essential step is to get some quotes for a garage conversion. A few quotations will enable you to get an accurate and reasonable price for the job you want to complete. You can then set about assessing your budget and whether your plans are realistic.

You can find out more about the planning application process on the government website too. While builders will be able to advise you on whether or not you will need planning permission in your situation, don’t take their word as read. It always pays to double-check.