Double Glazing Repairs

Double Glazing Repairs

Having double glazing installed, although a money saver in the long term, can represent a significant investment in your home. Even though double glazing prices are increasingly competitive, and you can often find a great deal by getting more than one quote from local suppliers, installation can still cost a large amount of money. Naturally, it is therefore worrying and frustrating when things go wrong.

Whether it is through vandalism, severe weather conditions or the slow but sure build-up of condensation between the panes, there are many unwanted things that can happen to your double glazing windows. The last thing you want to have to do is get them replaced and go through the hassle and expense all over again.

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Most double glazing installations will include a guarantee period, during which replacements and repairs are covered, but if your guarantee has expired, as is possible with older windows that are more likely to mist up, you could be faced with a very unwelcome replacement bill. The good news is that in many cases there is no need to get your damaged double glazing replaced. In the majority of instances, it is easier, and much cheaper, to get them repaired.

Misted double glazing

misted double glazing
Fogging, or the build-up of condensation between the panes, is most likely to occur in older windows that may well have passed their guarantee period. It is a common problem that many homeowners face. Misted windows obstruct your view and don’t look particularly nice, so it is something you will want to get deal with sooner rather than later. It often occurs because the silica balls in the spacer bar between the two panes have become saturated over time and lose their effectiveness at absorbing moisture within the sealed unit. The chances of this happening greatly increase about five years after the double glazing is first installed.  Professional double glazing repairers are able to deal with this problem easily, however, so it isn’t something that you should worry about unnecessarily.

Repairing double glazing

double glazing repairs
As well as misted windows, other problems that can occur include damage to the hinges and panes. These too can be easily fixed by professionals and don’t necessarily mean that you will need to get the windows replaced. Some firms offer a 24 hour emergency boarding up service, which can be particularly helpful if you have been the victim of vandalism and you are worried about the possibility of a break in. They can secure damaged windows with a single board, or fit sash jammers to the inside of the frame if the damage has been more substantial.

With the exception of vandalism and freak weather conditions, the other causes of damage to your double glazing can be minimised with good maintenance. Traffic fumes, damp and general wear and tear can cause a build up of dust and dirt that can compromise the window’s appearance and integrity. By cleaning your windows regularly, and keeping the room adequately ventilated, you can easily avoid many of the risks caused by damp, and your double glazing windows will continue to look as good as the day they were first installed.