Doors you want to knock on

Doors you want to knock on

Generic front doors are just so boring. How about adding a front door that reflects your personality and hints at what lies within? Whether it is the colour, the size or the shape – unusual front doors are the next big thing.

Door within a tree

Create your very own Hobbit House – all you need is two big trees!

Swinging staircase

Take the stairs to the front door and then open them!

Modern pivot door

This pivot door packs a punch in terms of colour and you can decide to enter through the left or the right.

Old style traditional door

Even the newest of homes can get an old and lived in look with the right door.

Small door within a larger door for kids

But locking all those doors might be a bit of a pain!

Hand door handle

Welcome home! The right door knob will give the right impression.

Curved door

Turn your door into a focal point that lets in loads of light. There’s nothing like a few curves…

Crocked blue door

Puts a slightly different angle on things!

Painted arch door

The arch on this makes it traditional, but you can add a funky colour to make it your own.