Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite – How To Keep Your Mattress Clean

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite – How To Keep Your Mattress Clean

House proud homeowners always like to keep their abode looking nice and clean. A regular cleaning routine around the house may well include washing the sheets and bedding, but the mattress also needs to be considered.

Checking For Bugs

Bed Bug Mite

No matter how clean you try to keep your home, there is always the chance that bed bugs could still be lurking in your mattress.

If you wake up with some mysterious bites on your legs then it is possible that you are playing host to some parasitic insects. You should not automatically assume that you have bed bugs, as it could be fleas, especially if you have pets in the house and they are allowed in the bedroom.

Check your bedding to see if there are any red stains or dark spots on your bedding and carefully examine along the edges of the mattress. These bugs can actually be seen by the naked eye but you can also use a magnifying glass to inspect in closer detail.

If you do find any evidence of bugs, don’t panic. A vacuum and a good quality steam cleaner like the ones you can get from karcher uk will help you to resolve the problem and get your mattress feeling clean and fresh again.

Using Your Vacuum Cleaner

Mattress Cleaning

Using your vacuum cleaner when cleaning your mattress is an important step in getting rid of anything nasty in your bedroom.

Running the vacuum cleaner over the mattress will help to remove any dust, dead skin cells and other debris that may have accumulated in your bed.


Steam Cleaning

Karcher Steam Cleaning

Once you have taken the bedding away to be washed and give the mattress a vacuum, it is time to use your steam cleaner to sanitise and clean your mattress.

Mattresses don’t like too much water on them but that is not really a problem with a steam cleaner as the high temperature vapour it produces is able to draw out the dirt without leaving the surface too wet.

Do make sure that you arrange to dry your mattress out even if after using the steam cleaner, just to be sure that it does not become damp and is then covered over again. It is best to steam clean your mattress first thing in the morning so that everything has had a chance to be washed and dried in good time before you go to be in the evening.

If you want to use an eco-friendly cleaning option to deodorise your mattress a bit more, try sprinkling some baking soda over the mattress and leave it for about thirty minutes. Baking soda is a natural deodoriser and will help to neutralise any smells.

Regular care

If you wash the bedding regularly and rotate the mattress as well as giving it a steam clean every 4-8 weeks, you should stand a good chance of enjoying a restful and relaxing night’s sleep without having to worry so much about sleeping with some uninvited guests.