Custom Design Conservatories – What you need to consider

Custom Design Conservatories – What you need to consider

Custom designing a conservatory entails a lot of work and can prove to be quite daunting and stressful at first. There are a lot of small details to cover and you will need to identify your priorities throughout the project. Much of that comes down to clear planning and that starts with the design of your planned conservatory. This is the fun part, where your dream starts to come together on paper, allowing you to visualise what it will look like once the build is complete.

To help you with this early stage, we’ve listed five key elements you will have to consider when designing your conservatory:


Choose your location

Thinking beyond the warm summer months will help you get the most out of your conservatory. Temperature control is something that needs to be considered throughout the year. The last thing you want is a conservatory that picks up natural heat in the summer and is an ice box in the winter. If possible, find a neutral position for the build that won’t create overbearing heat and also isn’t too cold when the temperature drops. Where you position your conservatory will also help you decide the type of window glazing you install.


Ensure you have plenty of ventilation

As with the location of your conservatory and controlling the levels of heat during the summer and winter, ensuring you have adequate ventilation is just as important. You can, of course, rectify this once the build has been completed but it creates less of a headache to have everything covered during the design stage. Doors, windows, ridge vents and eave vents can all be used to prevent you from dealing with excessive heat inside your conservatory during the hotter months.


Allow for enough space

Striking the right balance between creating extra living space and not losing too much room on your property is important. Plan ahead to consider what the conservatory will be used for, how regularly and how much practical space will be needed for it to be used in comfort. The conservatory company can help with this, once they understand what it is being used for, advising on any increase or decrease in space that may have an impact.


Carefully select the right interior style

A conservatory is more than just a literal extension to your house. It is an extension of the style and atmosphere you have already cultivated within your home. The shape and design of your garden also has to be taken into consideration, so rather than look at a conservatory as a single room, think about at how it blends in with the areas that surround it too. A good conservatory company can advise on popular styles and what is structurally possible but at the end of the day, the style is down to you.


Think about the roofing

There are four main roof types available, with each one creating a different look and impact on your conservatory. Glass is the most popular, offering a complete look to match the windows that stretch around the front and side. Tiled roofs have a great selection of colours available to choose from and is easier to maintain than glass. Lead conservatory roofs offer fantastic insulation during the colder months and as an alternative to glass, polycarbonate is a much more cost effective option.

If you are thinking of working with a contractor, then a specialist conservatory company will be able guide you through much of this process too. Given how much you will be spending on your conservatory, take your time to make the right decision for you and do not rush into something you might regret at a later date. Once you start putting the design together, you’ll be surprised how quickly it all comes together. Before you know it you’ll be out relaxing in your brand new conservatory watching the world go by.