Creative design ideas for your conservatory: 2018

Creative design ideas for your conservatory: 2018

If you’ve prepared your conservatory for the colder months of the year you should hopefully be making the most of your wonderful extension to your home. While you may not be able to fully maximise its use with your garden until next spring, now is the perfect time to start to start thinking about how you can freshen things up in preparation for the brighter months of spring and beyond. We all know how quickly time flies, so read on below to get your design ideas together early and start planning ways to give your conservatory a make-over for 2018.

Choosing your colour

Pantone typically announce their colour of the year in the first week of December, so we should know this any time now. However, they have released their colour forecast for 2018 that is full of vibrant colours and metallic neutrals. The colour groups break down as follows:

  • Verdure: Berry-infused purples, celery greens and eggshell blues
  • Resourceful: A mixture of warm and blue blues and oranges
  • Playful: Fun Popsicle limes, and daring bright yellows
  • Discretion: The opposite to the Playful palette; subtle Hawthorne Rose and Elderberry
  • Far-fetched: Earthy tone like Cornsilk Yellow mixed with rosy overtures
  • Intricacy: Neutral ‘new’ metallics with hints of yellow Sulfur and Holly Berry red
  • Intensity: A wide ranging blend set against stable blacks and golds.
  • TECH-nique: More bright purples, turquoises and pinks, balanced with Frosted Almond and Brilliant White

Finding the right furniture

Synthetic rattan furniture will continue its rising popularity into the next twelve months and beyond. No longer should these be regarded as merely flimsy chairs with outdated designs. Now far more comfortable sets are available in a wide range of colours that can be complemented with the simple addition of tonal throws and plush, plump cushions.

Create a solid foundation

This year saw homeowners invest more money than ever before in flooring solutions, and it is a trend that is set to continue into 2018, as consumers search for unique and original statement tiling. Bolder, richer tones are now becoming the preference to create sophisticated finishes to conservatories, with greys and warm dark browns leading the way. Establishing that natural look in your extension is always a popular aesthetic, and natural or brushed finishes really evoke a textured design for the floor space.

Creative roof solutions

The Lusso Orangery offers a modern twist on a more traditional design, adding the popular orangery look to conservatories without costing an arm and a leg. This style adds real stand-out character and can be retrofitted onto existing conservatories quickly and easily without the additional structural work usually required for these larger roofs.

Decorative indoor plants

Greenery is expected to make a big return over the next 12 months, integrating the garden inside the conservatory once again, rather than the separation that has become the norm in recent years. Hanging baskets in particular add a real splash of colour and naturalism. Tall, lush potted plants will help turn the space into a natural green setting offset with a subtle scented ambience.