Creating The Perfect Patio For You And Your Garden

Creating The Perfect Patio For You And Your Garden

Now that the winter of 2013 is well and truly done with, it is time to start looking forward to the delights of the summer. As it is just one short month away (officially starting on June 21st), it is perhaps time to start looking forward to what you can do in the garden. Before even looking to the lush green grass of your lawn however, perhaps it is time that we paid more attention to our patios, as quite frankly not enough love is given their way.

Offering a place for social gatherings, an outside meal or even a place to party, patios can offer the centrepiece to any garden, so looking after it is imperative. Image Source:

So what makes the perfect patio?

Of course, everyone has their own opinion to their perfect patio. There often however, a few basic elements that usually remain the same. One of the most common elements of a patio is of course the prime reason as to why you probably have one – the appreciation of nature.
Nature is key

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With that in mind, a trellis is a beautiful way of supporting plants in and around your patio and invites vines, grapevines and climbing roses into your garden when perhaps otherwise, there would have been nowhere else for them to exist. Not only that, but if you are struggling for privacy, trellises offer your garden a natural barrier against prying eyes. Bear in mind however, not to install barriers that are too large, as is important not to block out the sun. Besides plants of course, you can also buy a small patio greenhouse to grow your own fruit and vegetables via companies such as

Luxuries are important

Another common feature of many patios is the installation of luxuries. Although it is important not to be overstated in the kind of things that you decide buy, subtle attractions and additions to any patio can do wonders for your garden. For example, one very popular addition to many people’s gardens is a barbecue.

Brick BBQ How To build your own BBQ Though many people enjoy using a portable or disposable, a hand-built, brick barbeque offers the garden not only a visually pleasing structure, but also a very handy cooking tool and a social centrepiece for parties. Of course, if you want to add a tropical element to your garden, you can design your barbeque in a Mediterranean style. Remember space for relaxation. With so many ideas flowing around on how to design your perfect patio, one of the things that many people forget about is to keep the patio spacious and calming.

At the end of the day a patio is about relaxing, enjoying the sunshine and getting out of the house. No one wants to be stumbling over plant pots, weaving through chairs and falling into fountains on a patio; so keeping the garden spacious and calm is key for getting the best out of it. Image Source:

Guest Post by: Hartley Botanic