Creating a Modern Living Room – 5 Essentials

Creating a Modern Living Room – 5 Essentials

For a living room that is stylish, comfortable and effortlessly cool, here are five essentials from the world of contemporary interior design, including stunning glassware, luxury sofas and designer rugs. Image source:

Drinks Cabinet

brixham oak cabinet
The art of cocktail making is enjoying ever-growing popularity, with more and more of us seeking to hone our cocktail making skills at home. Whether it’s a cocktail shaker designed by Ron Arad, or an extravagantly stocked home bar, there can be no doubt that mixology culture is causing a stir in modern living rooms. For many the appeal of cocktail making is its inherent theatricality; all that shaking and stirring makes for a great way to entertain guests while keeping everyone nicely refreshed. For those who don’t have space for a full home bar, we like the like look of this charming and elegant drinks cabinet from Habitat. View Habitat Oak cabinet

Luxury Sofa

Natalia 3 Seater Leather Sofa

A luxury sofa is surely the very essence of a modern living room. As the room’s centrepiece, and the item of furniture which is likely to receive the most use, it’s very important to get it right. The colour, size and shape of your sofa will all have an impact on the rest of the living room, and will help to dictate how the room is used and enjoyed. For a sleek and modern living room, we think this leather sofa from Darlings of Chelsea is perfect. The Natalia leather sofa is smart, cool and very comfortable, it has everything that a contemporary living area needs. View Natalia Leather Sofa

Wireless Music System

B&O BeoPlay A9
Gone are the days of ugly and imposing hi-fi stacks. Thanks to the wonders of wireless technology, an excellent sound system no longer has to mean huge black boxes piled up on top of one another in an intimidating display of unsightly gadgetry. Long term purveyors of audio-cool Bang & Olufsen have come up trumps again with this incredible looking wireless music system: the Beoplay A9. Designed and crafted as though it were a piece of fine furniture, it sounds as good as it looks. View Beoplay A9
william & son pill vase


Luminous, natural and incredibly striking, quality glassware is an excellent addition to any modern living room. With designers being ever more adventurous, the simple glass vase has taken on a larger role in contemporary styles, as can be seen in these smart pill-shaped vases from William & Son. One of the great features of quality glassware is that it is capable of suffusing a room with colour whenever light shines through it, which is what appeals to us about this murano glass Eagle Vase from Armani.
View Williams & Son Vase

Designer Rug

swirl paul smith rug
With many modern living rooms eschewing carpeting in favour of wooden, or even concrete, floors, it is important to make the right choice when it comes to rugs. A rug’s function is not simply decorative however: it plays an important role in bringing all of the elements of a room together. Colour, warmth and comfort all come into play in what will be a key feature of the living room for many years to come. Marrying visual flair with quality craftsmanship, the Rug Company’s range includes striking designs from Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. View Swirl Paul Smith Rug

Guest Post by Darlings Of Chelsea