Creating A Living Space Outdoors

Creating A Living Space Outdoors

It’s 2014. Spring is here and summer is on its way. Time to get the winter wardrobe locked away and the summer shorts and bikinis at the ready as we’re expecting a heat wave this summer and just in time for the World Cup too so we are expecting that there will be a lot of BBQs going on.

But is your outdoor living space ready?

Probably not.

To give you the kick start you need, here are some quick tips and tricks that will cost you very little money and time, but will still have it prepped for the big heat wave to come!

Get rid of those unwanted weeds

Nobody wants to see weeds poking up from the paving or decking in the garden. Quickly banish the lot by either buying some weed killer, or alternatively, use some old school methods such throwing down vinegar that simply sucks the life out of the plant. Or, you could always use vodka but then we think that’s a bit of a waste and you might want to save that for the BBQ instead!

The grass is always greener on the other side

We don’t mean to go all Travis on you here, but what we mean is that the grass is definitely greener in the summer, but that’s only if you start to put in the hard work now.

– Some quick fixes include:
– Spreading fertiliser across the grass
– Reseeding any patches of grass that are bare
– Remove those pesky weeds (without the vodka and vinegar this time, you don’t want to upset the grass too!)
– Mowing the lawn and keep it trim.

Clean the patio and decking

Either by using patio cleaner or bleach. You can purchase specialist patio cleaners, or hire one if you don’t want to buy one. If your patio or decking is very expensive and has certain types of stone or wood, opt for a specialist cleaner so you don’t ruin it. Check the details with the company that laid it down or simply jump online to find out more about cleaning specific types of patios and decking.

Plant pretty flowers

Clear up your flower beds and borders from leaves, dead plants and turnover the soil so that the fresh soil beneath it can breathe and have exposure to the air. Trim round the edges of your grass so that the flower beds are tidy and then plant some flowers around the boarders to give it a bit of much needed colour.
Plant pots on patios and decking can also look great and add real colour and stand out as a nice feature in your garden space; however big or small it is. You can create your own, or simply grab a readymade one at your local garden centre.

Clear out the BBQ

Clear out the firebox and scraper. If the base is looking a little worn with holes that weren’t there before, it may be time to get a new one. If all is good, grab some soapy water and get scrubbing with some hardwearing scrubbing pads and brushes.
It might be worth you laying down some bin bags or old worksheets around the area that you are working and probably worth you doing it before you clean the decking and patio as you may have to do it all again!

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

So the decking is gleaming, the garden is trim, the BBQ is on the go but the outdoor table is looking rather shabby or worse still, the garden table and chairs aren’t there because you never bought any, or you had to bin it last year.

What do to?

Garden furniture, these days, is not very expensive, but if you are looking to purchase a solid table and chairs that may set you back a few too many pennies, yet you don’t have the money to do so, it might be worth you starting out with a few pieces of accessories here and there that will make a difference to your outdoor living space and make it a cosy area for everyone to sit out on.
For example, outdoor beanbags, rugs, wood burners, small tables and gazebos, as well as outdoor utensils and hard plastic cups so that you don’t run this risk of breaking your best glasses outside.
If your living space indoors falls out into your outdoor space, try and stick to the indoor colour theme that you have so that your style is consistent throughout. Often, people mismatch their furniture outside because they buy the items on the go as and when they see a ray of sunshine. And better still, if you purchase something like an outdoor bean bag that matches your indoor living space, you can always bring it in as extra seating inside for when you have lots of guests!

Enjoy the summer by getting your garden spruced up in time for this long overdue heat wave that you are most definitely not going to want to miss out on!

Geoff Ainsworth is a director of with a passion for home design and technology. He writes for a variety of home design websites and loves vintage/retro styles.