Converting a Garage Into a Spare Room

Converting a Garage Into a Spare Room

When it comes to creating additional space, many people think of converting the loft or building an extension. However, if you have a garage that is nothing more than a home to clutter, it could provide the perfect solution for that extra room you need.

If you haven’t thought about converting your garage before, the following tips and suggestions should help you envisage what you could achieve.

What are the benefits of creating a spare room via a garage conversion?

Most of us could find a use for a spare room. The problem is figuring out where that room will go. Most home improvements that add space will add more than one room. This adds cost, regardless of whether you are thinking about adding an extension to the rear of your property or you wish to extend into the loft space.


In contrast, a garage conversion is usually much cheaper than other options. Depending on the size of your garage you can convert half of it and keep the other half for storage. Alternatively you can transform the entire garage into a spare room. In some cases a split mezzanine level might also be possible so you can see there are more options here than you might initially think. It is also very easy to create a room with lots of light and space if need be. The garage door can be taken away and replaced with a large window.

A spare room can also be used for a variety of purposes. If your garage joins onto the kitchen area you could have a utility room to use for washing, ironing and storage. Alternatively it could simply be used as a place to relax and have some peace and quiet away from the main house.

What are the benefits of having a spare room?

If you don’t currently have a spare room in your property you will probably struggle in certain situations. For example if someone stays the night you’ll need a put me up bed or a sofa bed. However if you have a spare room this won’t be a problem – and everything will already be set up for use.

A spare room could also provide you with the ideal home office. You can shut the door on it at the end of the day and also have more space than you would if you set up a desk elsewhere in the property.

As such a spare room can also free up more space in a room that is currently used for more than one purpose. Working from the kitchen table or trying to fit a washing machine and dryer into the kitchen isn’t easy. A spare room created in your garage would get rid of this problem and make the most of your property in several ways.

As you can see, even though your garage may currently be woefully inadequate, it could soon receive a much needed makeover that will transform your home.