Conservatory Roof Insulation: What’s the Deal?

Conservatory Roof Insulation: What’s the Deal?

A conservatory is a fantastic way of extending your home, providing additional living space, a desirable area to spend time in and adding value to your property. If you’re considering adding a conservatory extension to your home or you have an existing conservatory, you will no doubt want to make the most of this investment and make sure you are fully utilising the space. This is why the type of roof you install can have such a dramatic effect on both your wallet and your use of the room.

Traditionally, conservatories are fitted with glass roofing to make them the perfect sun trap. This is often what makes them so appealing, as they’re flooded with natural light that naturally warms the room in the sunshine. However, this can limit the use of the room, even if you have additional heating installed.

Insulated Roofing

It might be worth considering installing an insulated conservatory roof, as having a fully insulated roof will not just save you money, but it can give your room enough heat to make it usable even in winter. A conservatory is an integral part of a home all-year round and, not just something you enjoy on a warm sunny day.

By fitting an insulated roof on your conservatory, you can give your room a whole new dimension and from a short-term perspective, you will feel the benefits straight away.

We live in a day and age where energy efficiency is incredibly important – especially with the cost of energy consumption rising each year – so homeowners need to find better and more cost-effective ways to heat their homes. Investing in an insulated conservatory roof is a great start.

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Whether it is a replacement of a glass or polycarbonate roof, or a completely new conservatory, getting your roofing right means you will make sure the heat generated in your conservatory stays in your conservatory and doesn’t simply evaporate through the roof. Not only that, but insulated roofs are designed to retain generated heat for longer, so you should use less energy to heat the room up as well as keeping it warm for use.

In addition to this, by having a more efficiently heated room, you will be more inclined to use it throughout the year, and your energy bills should be more reasonable.

By having an energy efficient room, you will automatically get better value for money, with cheaper energy bills and the ability to use it continuously through the year.

Long Term Investment

Naturally as a homeowner, you have to always think of the long term gain of any investment in your property. With this in mind, think of the benefits that having a conservatory with an insulated roof will have on the property value. Realistically, it is only going to add more value to your home and make your property a more attractive investment prospect in the long run.

Consequently, purchasing an energy efficient conservatory that is fully integrated into your property is going to be far more cost-effective than selling a glass-roofed conservatory, which can only be utilised on warm, sunny days.

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You can really make a conservatory part of your home, simply by fitting an insulated roof. It becomes a functional room all year round, won’t cause you headaches with excessive heating bills and you can choose a style that fits in with your style of property – from period properties to modern, there are many roof designs to suit your needs.

For more information on how you can transform your conservatory roof and make it an integral part of your home, contact a reputable conservatory roofing specialist such as