As with all things, a conservatory’s price depends on various factors including size and style. The following is a very rough guide to the kind of price you can expect to pay for each type of conservatory.

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Conservatory Prices 2015/16

Please note these figures are rough estimates and may not be representative for the whole of the country.


Lean-To Conservatory

Lean-To Conservatory Prices
The most basic conservatory structure, and an excellent choice for one-storey properties. Prices can start from around £3,000.


Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian Conservatory Prices
With a rectangular or square shape and a pitched roof, this is a classic design. Prices can start from around £4,000.


Victorian Conservatory

Victorian Conservatory Prices
The pitched roof and rounded ensure this design makes the most of the available space. Very popular. Prices can start from around £4,000.


P-shaped Conservatory

P-Shaped Conservatory Prices
Combining the benefits of a Victorian with an Edwardian conservatory. There are lots of advantages to this spacious option. Prices can start from around £5,000.



Orangery extensions
Essentially an extra room for your home, and not technically a conservatory, this design nevertheless brings plenty of sunlight into your home. Prices can start from around £12,000.

Average prices

In the most general terms, the average price for a conservatory is around £5,000. If you are willing to self-build, and have your own supply of materials, it may well be possible to get a simple conservatory for considerably less than this – particularly if you are looking to add a fairly simple construction like a lean-to. As with anything, the larger a project and the more  complicated it is likely to be, the more expensive it will become. With orangeries for instance, the solid walls and sturdy structure come at a much greater expense than a standard conservatory with dwarf walls and glazing all around.

Find the right price for you

When it comes to finding a supplier, bear in mind that it is a very good idea to get more than one quote. The first supplier you ask may be able to promise all that you desire, but if you are not in the trade yourself, it is impossible to know if you are getting the best price without comparing it with other quotes. Also, don’t sign anything immediately. Think carefully about committing such a large amount of money, and who knows: if you wait a little while, the price may even come down.

Other costs

Don’t forget, there are likely to be other costs as well, including fitting out your conservatory’s interior and maintenance. The three most commonly used materials for building conservatories are UPVC, hardwood and aluminium. Of these, UPVC is far and away the cheapest in terms of maintenance.

Easy to clean and inherently weather-resistant, it requires less work and attention than wood which can require attention to ensure that it is properly sealed against the elements.

For more information about getting a conservatory, take a look at out Conservatories Buying Guide.

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