Condensation in Double Glazing – What Are the Solutions?

Condensation in Double Glazing – What Are the Solutions?

Condensation is a lot less common with double glazed windows than is the case with single glazing. Double glazing uses two sheets of glass that are made into a sealed unit. The outer pane will be colder than the pane on the inside of the property, but the gap between will mean no condensation exists.

If you do spot condensation occurring with one of your double glazed windows, take a closer look at it. Sometimes you might get a small amount of condensation appearing on the outside of the pane of glass that is inside the house (i.e. where you can reach it and wipe it off). This is an easy fix – you just need to ensure the room stays ventilated and does not become humid to prevent this from occurring in the future. Water droplets in the air will lead to condensation of this nature, which can easily be prevented.

What can you do if you get double glazing condensation inside the sealed unit?

double glazing unitThis type of condensation on windows generally means there has been a failure in the seal that holds the sealed unit together. This could occur on the inside or the outside of the window. It might also occur if one pane of glass is cracked for some reason.

It might be possible to replace the seals yourself, although it is not the easiest of jobs to do. If you do attempt this you should only ever replace one seal at a time. If you remove all the seals from one side of the window you may end up increasing the chances of leaving a gap somewhere. Needless to say you should be relatively good at DIY and fairly confident of completing the job successfully in order to give this a try.

Finding a professional to handle double glazing repairs

For many, this will be the simplest (and possibly only) real option. Firstly, find out whether the double glazing is still in warranty before paying someone to replace the seals or the entire unit. If it is you should be able to get them replaced for free.

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If you have to foot the bill yourself, there are two options to choose from to get rid of condensation on double glazed windows. The first is to get the affected units replaced (the frames stay put), while the second involves removing the condensation from the existing unit and sealing it to ensure it doesn’t re-occur.

Are replacement units cheaper than replacement windows?

fitting a replacement windowThey are. While uPVC windows can be purchased quite cheaply, they will still cost money to replace. This applies to the sealed glass units too. If you want to go for this option make sure you shop around and get at least three quotations from different companies to consider.
Double glazing prices can vary remarkably between different suppliers so it makes sense to assess the options.

The other option offered by some companies is the ability to remove the condensation from the unit without having to replace it. This is cheaper and also ensures the unit doesn’t end up going to landfill. It isn’t suitable for all types of windows so you would need to check to see whether your particular affected window could be treated in this way. Moreover this service may not be available in all parts of the country.

Get the lowest price on double glazed windows However as you can see it is perfectly possible to make sure you can resolve your condensation problem in one way or another. If you decide to get someone to assist you in this way, just be sure you shop around for the best prices.

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