Christmas Clutter: Getting your home back to normal

Christmas Clutter: Getting your home back to normal

The 12 days of Christmas are in the past, but there’s still a good chance that your Christmas clutter is staring you in the face. Honestly, there really is only one thing for it. This is the year that you are going to banish Christmas clutter forever. Better late than never.

Recycle, reuse, reduce

This is the mantra of any self-respecting minimalist. Essentially, if you haven’t used it in the last six months (or indeed since last Christmas) then it shouldn’t be in your home. Christmas clutter responds perfectly to this three-pronged approach:

‘Recycle’ your Christmas tree by taking it to your council recycling centre. They will chip it and turn it into much needed garden mulch. You can also recycle old wrapping paper as long as it isn’t that plasticky stuff (that will need to be thrown away) and Christmas cards. Those cardboard boxes you are keeping should also be headed for the recycling centre. other things that can be recycled to the charity shop include Christmas CD’s (surely you are using Spotify by now?), unwanted gifts and old decorations.

‘Reuse’ the presents you received but didn’t like. Have a box in your loft for gifts that will get the repurposing treatment. Just be sure to never give the same gift back to the person who gave it to you. You can also reuse the Christmas food that wasn’t consumed (if it is still in date). Christmas puddings and other similar foods can be put aside for next year or just go ahead and eat them – who says that a Christmas pudding is only for Christmas?

‘Reduce’ by employing that great trick of one in, two out. For every new Christmas decoration you bought, every new item of clothing you purchased or toiletry set you received you should throw away (or recycle or reuse!) two other things. Obviously choose those items that are on their last legs such as the string of Christmas lights that has four broken bulbs or the Santa outfit that no longer fits. Another way to reduce is to ask a neighbour or family member to sort your pile for you. They will be much more ruthless without the sentimentality that most of us have.

Challenging as these hints may seem the result is a decluttered home that is well and truly ready for when the April spring cleaning season rears its head. Tackled one room at a time, you really can get on top of that Christmas clutter and put those festive days behind you until the next time.