Choosing Furniture For Small Living Spaces

Choosing Furniture For Small Living Spaces

If you live in a small house, mobile home, or have very limited space it can be difficult to choose and position furniture for your home. Furniture just piles up on the walls, and pictures and shelves create a gap that makes your home look a little cheap and unattractive. Here’s how to fix that problem and create spacious spaces from narrow places.

Keep All Foot Traffic To The Side

Sofa BackIf you can keep foot traffic to one side, this will help out a lot. Long rooms tend not to have a lot of navigational space. So, when you’re arranging furniture, you should opt for a sofa up against the back wall and a coffee table right in front of it. Make people walk in front of the table, not between it and the sofa.

Sometimes, you can break up a long room by having the back of a sofa create a sort of “hallway” behind it. If you place a chair at the end of the sofa, perpendicular to it with a coffee table, it creates a cozy seating space without the wind tunnel feel.

Create Diagonal Foot Traffic

If you can arrange your furniture to create diagonal foot traffic paths, this will also break up the room enough to avoid the bowling alley feel. Usually, this is accomplished by putting the bulk of furniture in a corner. It creates a cozy space while also giving people a place to walk. Everyone stays out of each other’s hair.

Put Some Furniture Perpendicular To The Length of The Room

When your room is really narrow, about the only way to really break things up is to place furniture perpendicular to the length of the room. So, instead of placing a sofa lengthwise, thus following the path of least resistance, you instead place maybe two love seats or chairs perpendicular to the length of the room. It “stops” the lengthening effect and creates a comfortable space for guests.

Put Some Furniture On An Angle

Sofa At An Angle
Swivel chairs, like those found here are excellent pieces to put at an angle to break up length in a room. Semi-long sofas can also do this as long as they don’t get in the way of foot traffic. This is a play on creating diagonal foot traffic, with the difference being that you’re creating diagonal furniture instead of traffic. What you’ll find is that your room becomes more squarish-looking.


Use Circular Furniture

Circular Furniture
Finally, circular furniture can make a long room seem more, well, roundish. Believe it or not, placing two large round tables in a long room will stop your eyes from travelling down the walls. Instead, it will “fatten” the room and help to eliminate the feeling that those walls are closing in on you.

The trick to making this work is large tables. Get the largest tables you can afford that also fit in the room without impeding foot traffic. The tables will create mini-spaces. If you pair this with clever seating arrangements you can actually split up one room into two, if it’s long enough.