Choosing a New Front Door for Your House

Choosing a New Front Door for Your House

The front door can make or break how good your property looks from the outside. It is also a point of security, so the better the quality the more likely it is no one will be able to get through it to break into your home.

When choosing a new front door there are several areas you should be aware of. We’ll focus on each in turn here.

The different types of front doors

Types of Front Doors

There are three main types here. Firstly you can opt for a front door made from solid wood. These are heavy and built to last, but they do require some upkeep. You’ll need to sand them down and repaint them periodically to stop the wood from rotting. However they do give you the opportunity to change the colour of the door whenever you want a change.

Secondly you can get a uPVC front door. These tend to be a lot cheaper and some people buy them at the same time as getting their windows done. They’re easy to clean and never need any upkeep other than the odd wash and dry to rinse off any dirt and dust.

Finally you could opt for a composite front door. As the name may suggest, they are made from a variety of different materials. The best material is chosen for each part of the door, providing the best overall performance as a result.

Focusing on security

Focusing on security

Clearly security will be an important element of any front door you choose. Ideally you should opt for one that offers multipoint locks. This essentially means the door will be locked into place at more than one point by a series of strong bolts.

Your front door should ideally always have a split spindle design. This means when you close the door from the outside, the only way of getting back in is to use a key. It also means a thief cannot get into your house by opening the door by the handle from the outside (unless you have locked it from the inside).

Multipoint locks should always have bolts that move into place by an upward turn of the handle from inside or outside your home. You then use the key provided to keep them in place. In some cases compression bolts are also provided in the door, to further secure it into the frame. Clearly the more bolts you have the more secure it will be.

How much does a new front door cost?

How much does a new front door cost?

This depends on a number of factors. For example different companies will provide different price lists. Different materials will also affect the price, such as a solid wood door as opposed to one made from uPVC or a composite model.

It’s possible to buy a door from a supplier for DIY fitting; however fitting a front door is not an easy job for an amateur to tackle. Alternatively you can buy one and have a tradesman fit it, or simply find a firm that will provide and fit one for you.

New front doors start from around £300 depending on the materials used, and you should add in the cost of locks and door furniture too (the letterbox for example if not already provided as part of the door). The cost can also depend on where you live. Prices can start from the low hundreds and go up to way over £1,000 depending on all these factors.

This is why it is a good idea to get a variety of quotations from different companies. This enables you to compare and contrast the doors and services to find the best option for your home.